Che tempo che fa, guests May 14: Erin Doom, Blanco and Matteo Paolillo

Tonight among the guests of Che tempo che fa on May 14th there will be Erin Doom, Blanco, Federica Pellegrini and Matteo Paolillo.

Che tempo che fa, guests May 14: Erin Doom, Blanco and Matteo Paolillo

This eveningMay 14, at 20:00 su Rai 3 new appointment with What’s the weather like. Also this week Fabio Fazio will host leading characters from the world of entertainment such as the writer Erin Doom who will reveal her identity and present a preview of her third novel. In the studio we will find Luciana Littizzetto, Filippa Lagerb√•ck, Gigi Marzullo, Nino Frassica, Simona Ventura and Maurizio Ferrini, or Mrs. Coriandoli.

Guests of the episode: Erin Doom during the interview in which she will reveal her identity for the first time. The mysterious writer, of which so far we only know that her name is Matilde, is from Emilia, under 30 and has a law degree, is now a point of reference for an entire generation of young readers.

After the debut of millions of views on Wattpad in 2017, in 2022 her first novel ‘Maker of Tears’ was an editorial case with over 500,000 copies sold. The writer will preview Stigma, the first chapter of a new saga in bookstores from 16 May.

In addition, the following will be guests of the broadcast: Adriano Galliani, historic CEO of Milan, Federica Pellegrini, Blanco.

And again the General Secretary of the CGIL Maurizio Landini; Chiara Amirante, President of the ‘New Horizons’ association; Don Davide Banzato; Professor Roberto Burioni; Alberto Mantovani, President of the Humanitas Foundation for Research; the director of Il Foglio Claudio Cerasa; the deputy director of La Stampa Annalisa Cuzzocrea; Ferruccio de Bortoli.

Closes the evening Che Tempo Che Fa – The table with Nino Frassica, Gigi Marzullo, Simona Ventura, Mrs Coriandoli. Guests will be: Matteo Paolillo, one of the protagonists of Mare fuori and co-author and singer of the successful theme song O mar for; Claudio Bisio, protagonist of the series Living is not a boy’s game on Rai1; the writer Sandra Bonzi; the champion Tania Cagnotto; Alba Parietti; Mara Maionchi; Ubaldo Pantani; Francesco Paolantoni.

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