Big Brother Vip, Nikita Pelizon: “I sent a message to Luca Onestini, never got an answer”

The winner of the seventh edition of the Gf Vip, Nikita Pelizon, spoke of Luca Onestini, with whom relations are frozen and of the one instead found towards her ex-boyfriend, Matteo Diamante.

The winner of the seventh edition of the Gf Vip, Nikita Pelizonspoke of Luca Onestiniwith whom relations are frozen and the one instead found against her ex-boyfriend, Matteo Diamante.

Gf Vip, Nikita Pelizon: “I wrote him a message on Instagram if we could see each other in total freedom”

To the microphones of Radio Radio a It won’t happen againthe model from Trieste said she contacted Luca but received no responseshowing a certain perplexity about the news that seems to have been spread almost immediately:

“I wrote him a message on Instagram if we could see each other in total freedom and nothing, this message never received a response. I don’t know if it has ever been viewed. The strange thing is that after less than two days an article came out” Nikita contacts Luca”. I didn’t understand who told him. Maybe a little bird entered his account, read my message and brought it to the journalists, otherwise I won’t explain.”

Nikita he then spoke of the warning, or the willingness of his team to sue Luca and other gieffini during her adventure, following the numerous utterances against her and the isolation that was often implemented by her former roommates:

“Better for the warning? It’s a rumor that runs in the corridors. I simply say that it was certainly a very intense, very heavy issue, which instead of bringing about union brought a message about division and I’m sorry about that. There it was a party after the edition of this Big Brother and I personally had not been invited. Neither I, nor Antonella, nor Matteo. I celebrated with my close friends. The division began on the very evening of the final. One party organized by the families of the contestants.”

Finally speaking of Matteo Diamante with which, after the reality show, the former gieffina has often been spotted together in rather affectionate attitudes, Nikita he has declared:

“Am I engaged to Matteo? Matteo and I have a good relationship. Personally at the moment I don’t feel in love. I was in love with Matteo when we lived together, then every time we got back together, we got closer again. I love him very much, we have an incredible complicity. At the same time, I left after seven months in a house and I feel that I want to breathe and enjoy my freedom in this moment. Thinking about my projects, having my focus, being with those I love, for me this is fundamental, among these people there is also him. But I don’t feel like putting myself in a relationship, at the moment. At the moment he is just a friend. We are very close, but I was clear from the beginning. I didn’t expect to leave the house and see that he had made the balloons for me. I was expecting a completely different exit. Is he still taken with me? I think that inside the house something from the past has awakened in him. He remembered our coexistence But now I wouldn’t be true if I said yes I love him, I want to go back with him. I don’t feel like saying words like this. “

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