Beautiful Advances and American Plots: Bill and Taylor new couple of the Soap?

The next US installments of Soap Beautiful could leave us completely breathless. Bill and Taylor could become a couple and trigger Ridge’s jealousy. Let’s find out more together.

Bill Spencer could be return to being one of the absolute protagonists from the frame Of Beautiful. The character played by Don Diamond could start a new love story and this time there woman of his life it will no longer be Katie but Taylor.

Beautiful American Advances: Bill returns to the office with Katie

As we have already anticipated in our other articles, Bill will return to the fray with Katie. The American advances from the Soap they have us already revealed That the Spencer will try to win back his ex-wife. The Logan won’t be able to deny that she still loves him and to always be attached to him but he will not accept to return to his sidescared that her partner may still return to the arms of her sister Brooke. Katie will continue then a attend Carterwith which – in the episodes broadcast in the United States – he seems to be really serious.

Beautiful American Advances: Bill and Taylor new couple?

The American previews of Beautiful they reveal to us that between Katie and Carter will go swimmingly although some spoilers – we have already told you – they would see their love in dangerbecause of Zoe’s return. To these rumors are added others, involving Taylor Hayes. In the United States the idea begins to spread That Spencer can console himself with Taylor, in which he will begin to confide. The two may be spending more and more time together and find a lot of comfort in each other. Bill, as a true “stud” which he is (as Brooke says), could not bear not having a woman next to him and his thirst for conquest could make the charming doctor fall at her feet, now finally free from constant thought by Ridge.

Plots and Previews Beautiful: Ridge jealous of Taylor and Bill?

Taylor will get rid of the thought of Ridge e it will not seem to want to return to the man’s side that over and over again Brooke preferred them. Between the two rivals could begin another war, professional this time, much more honest and clean than the one they fought for more than 30 years. AND con Taylor single and more and more fascinating, Bill may have free reign. If indeed this pair is formed, we must expect one Ridge’s reaction. We are not quite sure that Forrester will be happy to see his ex-wife in the arms of his worst enemy – the two will not be able to stand each other even after the truce to destroy Sheila – and he may even be jealous of it. At this point, the question we ask ourselves is: will the designer want to win back Steffy and Thomas’s mother, sabotaging this new (possibly, remember that it’s not sure) love story?

Beautiful it goes on air Channel 5, from Monday to Sunday at ore 13.45.

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