Amici 22, “Wax, you are great, go your own way” – Arisa’s letter to her student

In view of the Friends Final broadcast this evening, Arisa dedicated a sweet letter to Wax on social media. Here’s what she said.

On the occasion of Finale Of Amici Of Maria De Filippi airing tonight on Canale5for his finalist student Wax, Arise wrote a sweet letter posted on social media in his Instagram account.

Friends 22, Arisa writes a letter to Wax

Wax he is certainly not among the favorites to win, given that predictions always place him in last place, and yet, Arise he always believed in him and spurred him on with all his might, sometimes even coming up against the stubbornness of the pupil. On the occasion of tonight’s biggest challenge, the singer and talent coach decided to dedicate a few words to him:

“Now you can shine like the star that lit up your neighborhood when you were a kid and even more. Thanks to you Wax, you’re great. You made me risk a couple of heart attacks for your pranks, laugh out loud several times for your overwhelming sympathy and always excite, for all the times your sulky heart came forward despite you wanting to hold it back, because it’s too big to listen to fears. Tomorrow the final, and while I think about it my breath breaks because it was nice to meet you and I know that I will miss you. I’m sorry if sometimes I haven’t been able to express what I really feel about your talent and your unmistakable inspiration. I am anxious and emotion eats up words, but know that I have wished so many times to be like you, who goes head-on against the world, who is a warrior who really cares about his dreams and puts everything he has into making them come true. You won’t believe it but you taught me so much. you gave the push to come back, to believe it again. It means that you are great, that you have become the example you wanted to be and not just for me. I walk down the street and everyone asks me about you because they love you. You deserve it for what you read inside and because you are so, so good. Congratulations, good luck from your ramshackle, very proud and grateful teacher. You are a special boy, be good, travel in the light and you will see how many gifts from life you will have.”

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