Amici 22, tonight the final on Canale 5: challenges, rules and news on televoting

Tonight the final of Amici 22 is broadcast on Canale 5: here are the challenges and how to vote for the winner of the talent

Amici 22, tonight the final on Canale 5: challenges, rules and news on televoting

Amici 22 has reached its last act: tonight May 14, in prime time, on Channel 5live, airs the finale of Maria De Filippi’s talent, four students remained in the competition, two dancers and two singers. Here’s how they will compete and how the public at home will be able to choose the winner of this edition. In fact, only the spectators, through the televoting mechanism, will have the power to decide the winner of this edition.

The four competitors left in the race:

  • Angelina Mango: The singer of the Lorella Cuccarini and Emanuel Lo team.
  • Isobel: The Australian dancer of the Rudy Zerbi and Alessandra Celentano team.
  • Mattia Zenzola: The Latin American dancer of the Arisa and Raimondo Todaro team
  • Wax: The Milanese singer of the Arisa and Raimondo Todaro team.

The challenges of the final

The final consists of the competition between the 4 finalists selected during the previous episodes, who will perform in a series of challenges, divided into several heats.


All the challenges will be evaluated exclusively through the televote of the public from home to determine the final winner of the programme. In the event of a tie, the Production reserves the right to decide the method to be applied in order to decree the final result (for example: opening a further televoting session; submitting the competitors to further tests, etc.).

For the purpose of counting the total votes, all the votes received from all the service delivery platforms will be accumulated, which will give rise to the voting results.

Viewers will be able to cast their vote among the competitors in the race by indicating the name/code of the chosen competitor/couple/group, as regards televoting expressed via SMS, or by clicking on the icon of the competitor/couple/group, as regards the vote expressed through the website, the Mediaset Infinity App, the Wittytv App, Smart TV and enabled decoders.

The regulation was published on the Wittytv website


This final represents the culmination of a season filled with excitement, talent and personal growth for the contestants. It will be an unforgettable evening, full of surprises and special guests, in which the energy and enthusiasm of the students will merge with the support and interest of the public.

Luigi Strangis, the winning singer of Amici 21, will deliver the cup to the winner

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