Amici 22: Mattia Zenzola is the absolute winner of the twenty-second edition of the talent show

The Latinist Mattia Zenzola outperforms the competition and wins Amici 22.

It just ended grand finale of the twenty-second edition of Amicithe popular Canale 5 talent show hosted by Maria De Filippi. A truly emotional evening that saw the dancer Mattia Zenzola triumphed. Second place for Angelina Mango followed by Wax e Isobel Kinnear.

Mattia Zenzola wins Friends 22

Mattia Zenzola is the overall winner of Amici 22. To open the last episode of Evening was the singer and musician Luigi Strangewhich brought to the studio the victory cup and dedicated words of esteem and affection to four finalists of Maria De Filippi’s talent show: Wax, Angelina Mango, Mattia Zenzola e Isobel Kinnear.

The first run saw the two dancers challenge each other in the competition. The first pupil of Amici 22 to go to the final, and then the winner of the dance categorywas Mattia Zenzola. Great satisfaction for Isobel Kinnear who received three job offers. The the second heat saw the two singers collide instead. It was the best Angelina Mangowhich went to the final clash with the pupil of Raimondo Todaro.

Singer Angelina won both the Critics Awardworth 50 thousand euros, which the Radio Award. Il Tim Awardworth 30 thousand euros, went instead to the dancer Isobel Kinnear; he Oreo Award was won by Wax; il Marlu Award went to all finalists of the twenty-second edition of the Canale 5 talent show.

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