Will Naditza return to Mare Fuori 4? The answer of the actress

Warning: avoid reading if you don’t want to come across spoilers on the third season of Mare Fuori

Among the best TV series currently in the Rai catalogue, Sea Out has already announced the production of one fourth seasonwhich will continue to tell the story of the young prisoners of the Nisida prison.

To fuel the anticipation for this new release contributes the twist which closed the final minutes of season three, leaving us uncertain about the future of some of the show’s most beloved characters.

A pistol shot hidden from the gaze of the camera, which the end of the season leaves as suspended in the air, waiting to reunite with its intended target, created the big interrogative about who between Rosa Ricci, her father and Carmine Di Salvo could say goodbye in the next episodes. Meanwhile, Edoardo Conte’s eyes suddenly open in the nearby hospital, leaving us with a thousand questions about the fate of this other pillar of Sea Out.

The third season of Mare Fuori ended amidst uncertainties and farewells, which marked a moment of transition for the show, whose cast could undergo profound renovations in the future.

Sea out

While for some characters, such as Rosa, Carmine and Edoardo, the future remains uncertain due to some unresolved knots in the plot, for others the farewell now seems to be official.

This is the case of Carolina Crescentini, the Corinna of the iconic Boris, who in Sea Out plays the director of the institute, Paola Vinci. In fact, even before the end of the season, her character said goodbye to the series, setting off on her way for an adventure that we still don’t know if she will ever be destined to bring her back to Naples.

The same fate befell the character of Filippo, who concluded his narrative arc with his return to Milan. Greater uncertainties, however, have generated the character played by Valentina Romani, Naditza, who in the series is engaged to Filippo.

In fact, if we were shown a moving moment of greetings from the young man that left little room for doubt, the same fate did not await Naditza, the beautiful gypsy who found a family and a home in the juvenile institution.

The last scene of the girl, in fact, shows us one love choice accomplished by the woman, who, to save Philip, decides to abandon him, leaving without any explanation. Naditza will then reappear in the last scene of the final episode, in a reconciliation with her Philip who however left the question open: was it a dream or reality?

Therefore, nothing is certain about the future fate of this character, whose narrative arc does not seem to have been definitively closed. A doubt that has led fans to wonder if Naditza could also be present in the fourth season of Sea Out. In the end, Valentina Romani herself intervened to resolve the dilemma.

Interviewed by Ansa, the actress spoke of her relationship with Sea Out and told a little more about his Naditza.

I owe her a lot, she is the symbol that everything is possible, she is the only one who wants to be inside the Ipm, she is better off there than in her own world where her father wants to marry her off to an unknown and older relative. In reality it happens, we know it, and I felt the responsibility to tell these teenagers who listen to their needs and fight for their freedom. Naditza a kind of Tinker Bell from Peter Pan, as the first director Carmine Elia told me, tells of beautiful and saving things such as love, friendship and also that talent is not thrown away, recognizing it means emancipating oneself.

On the presence of her character in the fourth season, Romani leaves no doubts, Naditza will not be therebut a return to the future is not excluded.

It’s really tiring for me to say goodbye to this character who has given me so much, but rightly so, for this fourth season the door is not open but then who knows, of course I would like to come back.

It therefore seems that for the moment Naditza’s trip to the ipm has concluded, a farewell that we can only hope will remain only temporary.

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