External night tonight on Rai 3: plot and cast of the last three episodes

Exterior night returns to television after the victory at the David di Donatello: here is the plot of the three episodes broadcast on Rai 3 tonight 13 May

External night tonight on Rai 3: plot and cast of the last three episodes

This evening May 13 on Rai 3 they are broadcast last three episodes Of Night exterior, the miniseries directed by Marco Bellocchio with Fabrizio Gifuni in the role of Aldo Moro. The show offers us an intimate representation of the tragic days of the kidnapping of the Italian politician, exploring the event through the multiple points of view of the characters who were protagonists and victims.

Outer Night: Episode Plot aired tonight May 12th

Episode 04 – The Terrorists

Between 1976 and 1978 Adriana Faranda embraced the revolutionary cause of the BR, abandoned her daughter and went into hiding together with her partner, Valerio Morucci. She joined the “Roman column”, she participates in the kidnapping of Moro and becomes the relay that delivers the press releases of the BR to the newspapers.

Outside night: “mosaic” TV series or film, it is still a masterpiece

Episode 05 – Eleonora

Eleonora Moro receives the news of her husband’s kidnapping with desperation but extreme dignity and closes herself with her children in absolute secrecy, trusting in the State apparatus to save her husband. Despite the reassurances of politics, the woman gradually realizes that her husband risks being “sacrificed” and asks the Pope for help.

Episode 06 – The end

A priest is taken by the Red Brigade members in great secrecy to the hideout in via Montalcini where Moro is held prisoner. The President of the DC confesses the fierce hatred he feels for some of his party “friends”, above all Andreotti. On May 9, 1978, Moro was loaded into the trunk of a red Renault 4 and killed.

Curiosities about Exterior at night

Outside Night premiered at the Cannes Film Festival. The film was divided into two parts, the first of which was released in cinemas starting May 18, 2022, while the second part made its debut on June 9 of the same year.

In addition, the film was also broadcast as a television miniseries, consisting of six episodes, broadcast on November 14, 15 and 17 on Rai 1, and is available for streaming on RaiPlay and Netflix.

From Buongiorno, Notte to Exterior Notte: the darkest hour in Italian republican history

At the David di Donatello 2023 he obtained 18 nominations and three awards: Best director to Marco Bellocchio. Best leading actor to Fabrizio Gifuni. Best make-up artist to Enrico Iacoponi. Here is our review of Interno notte.

External Night: Performers and characters

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