Friday, February 23, 2024
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Bob Odenkirk participates in the writers’ strike

Bob Odenkirk partecipa allo sciopero degli sceneggiatori

Bob Odenkirkactor famous for his work in Breaking Bad e Better Call Saulthese days is showing solidarity with the screenwriters, who are on strike.

As reported these days, from May 2 the organization WGA (Writers Guild of America) called one writers’ strike of films and TV series with the request for better working conditions and better salaries.

And while the studios demand to return to work, the writers are not alone in this battle. Several directors and actors have publicly declared that they side with the writers and among them also Odenkirk.

Bob Odenkirk on strike with screenwriters

10 days have passed since the start of the strike but the forced stop is starting to create problems in the production of films and TV series, including the fifth season of Stranger Things momentarily stopped and the third season of Yellowjackets.

To support the members of the WGA there are also many directors and actors: after all, films and TV series are born from the union of different skills and creativity, which cover many areas, from the creation of a story, to acting, to costumes, to music.

Among the actors who support the strike there is indeed Bob Odenkirk. The actor joined the ongoing demonstrations and publicly showed support for the cause through his social accounts.

His tweet says “Let’s do it”, while showing a selfie at the rally.

For Odenkirk it is not though first time: in fact already in 1988 he participated in the WGA strike, the longest in history which lasted 153 days. In fact, the actor also shared a photo of the time during the strike on social networks:

Deadline reports the actor’s words at the event:

“It’s really a shame that we have to do this thing. Screenwriters have to be able to pay the bills and live a decent life, as their job is to write the amazing material that we have to perform and that leads to great entertainment for everyone.”

In addition to being an actor, Odenkirk was also a screenwriter: in the eighties and nineties he worked as a screenwriter for several television programs, including Saturday Night Live, Late Night with Conan O’Brien, The Ben Stiller Show e The Dennis Miller Show.

Another catastrophic strike was that of the writers of 2007-2008, which created problems in the productions and penalized many series, including the same Breaking Bad.

Odenkirk achieved international success thanks to the role of Saul Goodman in Breaking Bada role he reprized starring in the spinoff Better Call Saul.

Among the latest projects in which he participated are the film I am noone (2021) is in the AMC series Lucky Hank; we will see it later in the second season of The Bear in a guest starring role. We will never see him, however, in a Marvel film, since he is not considered “made for that world”.