Beautiful Advances and American Plots: The love between Carter and Katie is in danger but this time not because of Bill

Carter and Katie’s relationship may be threatened by a new “enemy.” The American spoilers of The Beautiful reveal that very soon, in Los Angeles, an old acquaintance of the Walton could return and question everything, much to Bill’s happiness. Let’s find out together what will happen in the Soap.

The american spoilers Of Beautiful give us some very succulent news and they make us think that soon, both in the United States and on Canale5, we will see some good ones. The novelty concerns the love story between Katie and Carter which, according to rumors circulating on the web in America, it could be threatened by a new rival. A put a spoke in their wheels would no longer be just Bill Spencer but, drum roll, Zoe Buckingham.

Beautiful American Advances: Katie and Carter more and more in love but…

In episodes of Beautiful aired in Italy, Carter And increasingly involved with Paris. But we know that in the United Statesthe Walton is currently interested in another woman and therefore we have already understood that the relationship between the lawyer and Grace’s daughter is not destined to last. Carter has fallen head over heels for Katie and with her he started a relationship, which seems to be going very well. The American advances they have us already revealed – and we have told you about it in some of our previous articles – that i dueafter flirting for some time, they are making a steady couple and they would seem united more than ever, despite Bill’s comeback in a big way.

Beautiful American Advances: Bill tries to win Katie back

The American previews of Beautiful they have us already revealed That Billafter framed SheilaAnd returned to the fray with Katiesure he has a chance with her, after having shown her that he has totally changed. And between Logan and Spencer it is clear That there is still love and that this is destined to last forever, also thanks to the presence of Will, their child. Katie but has chose not to break up with Carter and has made it clear to her ex-husband Of not wanting to get back together with him, too disappointed and burned by the fact that he always comes back to pull the skirts of his sister Brooke, among other things now back single and free. The woman will continue this way for some time. The Advances from the United States make us understand that the situation will continue in this way and that Spencer will have to find other tricks. But watch out for a twist which could make the plots of the Soap burn.

Plots and Previews Beautiful: Zoe returns to Los Angeles. Will she want to win Carter back?

The love relationship between Carter and Katie could be also threatened by another “enemy”. The american spoilers they tell us about a probable scenario arriving in episodes of Beautiful aired in the United States and therefore soon also on Canale5. On the web we talk about Zoe’s return. The girl, who still works for Forrester but in its Paris office, could return home for a new project from the fashion house and he may want to take back what is his i.e. Carter. Buckingham has – also in Italy – unfinished business with the Walton, who preferred Quinn several times. But now that Fuller is gone – and she isn’t expected to reappear – he may want to take revenge or simply try again to win over her ex. Carter could in turn be impressed to see the model again and with the problems Bill is creating between him and Katie, it might do not disdain a more serene and safer story. We have written a series of “may” because it is not certain that this can really happen but we are confident that this rumor hides some truth, as was the case a few months ago with the news of RJ’s arrival. In short, Carter just does not seem to find peace in love.

Beautiful it goes on air Channel 5, from Monday to Sunday at ore 13.45.

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