This world won’t make me bad: The chaotic official poster of the new Zerocalcare animated series

The six episodes of the new animated series will be available for streaming on Netflix on June 9.

Netflix has spread the official poster of This World Won’t Make Me Evilthe new animated series for an adult audience by the well-known Italian cartoonist Zero limestone, available to stream with all episodes from June 9th. The promotional image, which follows the first trailer by just over a month, shows the protagonist Zero surrounded by the chaos of his life.

This world won't make me bad

This world won’t make me bad: the premise of the new Zerocalcare series

Written, directed and interpreted by Zerocalcare, who has already made the award-winning film for Netflix Tear along the edges, This world won’t make me bad brings the narrative world, the unique language and the historical and unmistakable characters of the Zerocalcare universe back to the screen. Zero, Sarah, Secco and the Armadillo (Zero’s unfailing conscience dubbed once again by the unmistakable voice of Valerio Mastandrea) are the protagonists of a narration made up of digressions, anecdotes, emotions and twists and turns.

The story revolves around the difficulty of finding a place in the world and of remaining oneself in the midst of life’s hardships. The title represents a sort of mantra, a phrase that Zerocalcare himself repeats, almost to convince himself, in those moments in which one feels surrounded, with no way out, in which it would be easier to make wrong choices, renounce ideals and principles to get out of trouble. A phrase that everyone, with their own experiences, lives and stories, could find useful to repeat themselves.

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