The Hunt: our interview with Marco Bocci, Filippo Nigro, Pietro Sermonti, Paolo Pierobon

Marco Bocci is a director who has a precise idea of ​​directing and from whom actors love to be directed, perhaps because he too is an actor. His second film is called La Caccia and Filippo Nigro, Pietro Sermonti, Paolo Pierobon and Bocci himself tell us about it.

It arrived in the room today Huntingthe second directorial film by Marco Bocciwhich his wife directed for the first time Laura Chiatti. Starting from an autobiographical fact, the actor wanted to talk about terrible memories and a past that cruelly resurfaces. He did so by once again describing a family, in this case made up of an abusive father and four brothers who didn’t have the life they wanted and are each fighting a battle: with each other or with themselves.

If the previous film of Marco Bocci, It never rains at Tor Bella Monacawas based on realism, Hunting it is undoubtedly a black fairy tale. The genre allows the director to address a series of themes related to fears, the unconscious, interpersonal relationships. They are also part of the cast of the film Peter Sermonti, Philip Nigro e Paolo Pierobonwho we interviewed together with the director.

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