The Goonies, the cast joke for Richard Donner in a funny video on Twitter

Almost 40 years after the release of The Goonies, a video has been released on Twitter showing a prank being staged on Richard Donner by the entire cast of the film!

On Twitter, the screenwriter Todd Spence released an old video in which the joke that the entire cast de I Goonies has organized against Richard Donner, director of the film. It seems, in fact, that after a whole year of filming in contact with the young protagonists of the adventure film, Donner he felt like taking a well-deserved vacation and had flown to Hawaii to rest. But his plans hadn’t gone as planned…

The Goonies, Todd Spencer shares the prank that the film’s cast arranged for Richard Donner

Yes I Goonies a group of kids living in the Goon Docks area of ​​Oregon find themselves on an exciting adventure, in an attempt to find a mysterious treasure that could save their homes from the plans of two entrepreneurs, who intend to buy the entire neighborhood. raze it to the ground and build a golf course. The discovery of a treasure map of the pirate Willy the one-eyed in Mikey’s attic (Sean Astin) will push the group in search of treasure, also trying to escape a gang of robbers, willing to do anything to seize the enormous wealth.

A year after filming wrapped, the director had decided to take a break from his job, but arrived at the resort he had booked, Donner found himself in a somewhat unusual situation: in the video shared on social media, while Donner rested in a chair, it can be seen the entire cast of I Goonies suddenly appear to greet and welcome him, under the astonished gaze of the director. It seems that the joke was hatched by Steven Spielberg and that thanks to his intervention the entire cast flew to Hawaii for this surprise. You can also hear it in the video Jeff Cohenthe interpreter of Chunk, tell the director that he would be with him for the whole time of the holiday!

The video on Twitter is accompanied by the explanation of Spence:

“When production on The Goonies wrapped, Richard Donner needed a vacation after working with kids for an entire year and went to Hawaii to rest. As a joke, Steven Spielberg had the entire cast (including the Brothers) arrive. to surprise Donner. Here’s the video. Great!”

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