Un posto al sole, who was Mariano Scognamiglio?

Mariano Scognamiglio A Place in the Sun

You’re wondering who he played Mariano Scognamiglio in A Place in the Sun? The chef appeared in the Neapolitan soap opera faithfully broadcast for decades on Rai 3 and which, every evening, accompanies the loyal public with new episodes. Yet, some time ago, chef Mariano Scognamiglio was also involved in the plot of the soap opera set in Naples. Which character did he play him?

Mariano Scognamiglio age

Originally from Napolibut settled at Arezzo for the past 25 years where he has lived and worked for years, Mariano Scognamiglio was born in 1969. In 2023, therefore, the chef will be 54 years old.

Mariano Scognamiglio movies and TV series

Beyond A Place in the SunMariano Scognamiglio gained television notoriety by participating in 2019 in 4 Restaurantsa successful format hosted by Alexander Borghese which, from episode to episode, involves various restaurants scattered throughout Italy. In addition, the chef also appeared in an episode of Master Chef Italy.

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From left: Patrizio Rispo and Nina Soldano in
From left: Patrizio Rispo and Nina Soldano in “Un Posto Al Sole” Credits: Rai

As it reports SkyTG24, in addition to the world of cooking, Mariano Scognamiglio has cultivated a passion for the theater (for 25 years). But for some time now, he has preferred to devote himself only to the stove and, as reported on the occasion of 4 Restaurants, the chef would also have followed a medieval cooking class. His menu, as shown during the episode, is in fact linked to medieval cuisine.

Mariano Scognamiglio A Place in the Sun

Let’s get to the information that interests you the most. Mariano Scognamiglio participated in the soap opera set in Naples, but did not play a chef. This time, he preferred to hang up his apron to wear… a coat! In the Neapolitan soap opera, he actually played a doctor. And his involvement in the beloved Rai 3 soap opera was not brief, on the contrary, it lasted for about five years, but his last appearance dates back to 15 years ago as reported The morning. Today, however, Mariano Scognamiglio no longer acts.

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