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The director of Avengers against Artificial Intelligence, the alarm of Joe Russo

The director of Avengers against Artificial Intelligence, the alarm of Joe Russo

As the writers’ strike rages in Hollywood, Joe Russo, co-director of the Avengers, warns against the risky use of Artificial Intelligence in the audiovisual profession.

Even before it was declared lo Writers’ strike in Hollywoodannounced by Writers Guild of AmericaVariety had spoken to the director Joe Russotogether with his brother Anthony co-author of the films of Avengers and lately of the series Citadel are Prime Video. Among the various claims, in addition to the redefinition of the percentages for the growing market of streamingthere is a need to regulate theuse of Artificial Intelligences stile ChatGPT in content creation. Russo shares the danger.

Joe Russo on AI: ‘We should be afraid, it’s here to stay’

Joe Russotogether with his brother Anthony Russo past column of Marvel Cinematic Universe and now behind the series Citadel are Prime Videohe explained to Variety what his are concerns concerning theuse of Artificial Intelligence in their craft. His statements, released before he left strike of the Writers Guild of Americatake on a stronger value, given that among the reasons for the protest there is also the fear of an immoderate use of tools such as ChatGPT to replace the work of creatives. Joe says:

I believe everyone must have fear of AI. I don’t know if you’ve listened to any of the Drake songs that popped up on social media. It is here among us. It’s here to stay.(…) When creatives get involved and bring the technology to them – just look at the whole James Cameron’s career – that technology ends up serving the artists, and not vice versa. If multinational corporations and large companies drive the adoption of technology, the story could become different.

When Russo talks about the “Drake song“, refers to one song written and performed by an Artificial Intelligence to simulate a job of Drake and the WeekndHeart on My Sleeve“. The chaos broke out a couple of weeks ago and is making the network discuss: it is an incentive for artists to be more original and less sensationally imitable, or we have already reached the point of no return and we have not even realized it ?
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