Men and Women, Lavinia Mauro and Alessio Corvino: a month together and that whispered “I love you” (VIDEO)

An exclusive video of the first month of the couple of Men and Women formed by Lavinia Mauro and Alessio Corvino appeared on Witty, on the occasion of their first month as engaged. Let’s see together some more details

Went out together Men and women, Lavinia Mauro e Alessio Corvino they celebrated their first month as a couple!

Men and Women, the first “I love you” by Lavinia Mauro and Alessio Corvino

The two former protagonists of the dating show classic throne of Canale5 conducted by Maria De Filippi celebrated a month of their history together and on the occasion of this special moment, Witty Tv made them protagonists of a sweet video, in which they lived a day entirely dedicated to their story. After a long journey, which lasted 7 months, within the dating show, Lavinia he had finally understood that it was Alessio Corvino the love of his life and so, on April 4, his choice aired.

During the walk and the romantic dinner together, Lavinia e Alessio they made an account of their story, in this first month together, during which they discovered new sides of each other, which they hadn’t been able to show during their journey in the program. From Alessiothe former tronista revealed:

“I discovered a sweet person, who has his stubborn sides, but he is a new person, in a positive sense. I discovered an Alessio who in many months along the way I asked myself ‘But where was he?'”

Also Raven revealed that Lavinia she turned out to be much less jealous than she thought and that being with her makes him very happy. Shortly before a romantic kiss, the two also whispered the first official “I love you” in front of the cameras.

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