Le Iene, Teo Mammuccari reveals the real reason behind the farewell to the program

Teo Mammuccari was removed from conducting the Le Iene program and after months of speculation he decided to tell the truth. Here’s what he said.

A few months ago Teo Mammuccari was dismissed from running de Hyenashistorical program of Italia 1giving way to his co-host Belen Rodriguez. The news had also shocked even the insiders themselves and the reason why had never been clarified Mammuccari to get away. But, now, in an interview with the newspaper Liberoit was the former conductor who revealed the whole truth.

Le Iene, Teo Mammuccari reveals why he left the program

Currently, Mammuccari he is busy at the theater with the show There’s nothing more beautiful and states that leaving Le Iene was not a stopgap, but an artistic choice, to regain contact with the public, absent during the television experience. The former conductor also said that he presented a new project to Mediaset and that the upper floors of the company are evaluating, therefore, if the port went, it would also return to TV:

“However, if there is no space for me to do new things, I prefer to give up the old ones too and go back to theater”

On the reason that would have prompted the conductor to leave the program, many have speculated about violent quarrels with the author of Hyenas, David Parenti And speaking of these rumors, Mammuccari clarified:

“Davide has quarreled with all the conductors that exist. I’m not saying it, but the newspapers. But I’ve never quarreled with him, I hadn’t signed the contract for this year’s edition yet, so I took the opportunity and that lack of enthusiasm that I felt to go and talk to him: it is clear that nobody likes hearing it. But it was right to leave it to those who have more enthusiasm than me who are doing very well. I wish them to experience all the emotions that Le Iene they gave to me”

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