The Jackal: the trailer of the new Pesci Piccoli series (VIDEO)

Yes, you read right. After eighteen years of activity, an unprecedented challenge awaits the comic group of The Jackalready to land on the small screen with his first original tv series. Specifically, it is a comedy titled Small Fish – An agency. Lots of ideas. Little budget, produced, conceived and interpreted by The Jackal, co-produced by Mad Entertainment and in collaboration with Amazon Prime Videoand directed by Francesco Ebbasta. And now we can take a first look thanks to the first official trailer!

L’official announcement of the project had arrived about three weeks ago with a funny post on the Instagram profile of the The Jackalwhich displayed photos of Aurora Leone, Ciro Priello, Fabio Balsamo and Gianluca “Fru” with the baby bump and the caption: “After almost 9 months of work in which we have kept everything secret however we can announce that the first series The Jackal: SMALL FISH – An agency is about to see the light of day. Lots of ideas. Little budget”. The series will be available on Amazon Prime Videoand will debut there8 June.

Pisces Piccoli- An agency. Lots of ideas. Little Budgetwhich will consist of six episodes in allis focused on four friends, Aurora, Fru, Ciro and Fabio, who work together in a small provincial social communication agency, which struggles to keep up with the times and with the “big fish” of the industry, in fact. There official synopsis from the comedy reads:

In the era of TikTok stars and successful lives framed in social media, what’s great about living a normal life every day? What if this normal life took place in a small social communication agency? Ciro, Fabio, Fru and Aurora are friends and colleagues immersed in the digital undergrowth made up of loser provincial brands and tragicomic little influencers, but also made up of gestures of friendship, flirting between colleagues and group rituals. The arrival of a new downgraded manager but determined to prove her worth will bring a wave of novelty, and will teach them that even a normal existence, without successes guaranteed by millions of followers, hides something valuable if you have the right friends.

But here’s the trailer for Pisces Piccoli-An agency. Lots of ideas. Little Budget, the new series of The Jackal

Exist two types of advertising,” reads the caption of the Instagram post in which i The Jackal have shared the trailer for their first series comedy, “Those you forget right away and those that remain in history. Our series is about the first kind.” In the trailer we find many of the fun group dynamics to which i The Jackal they got used to it, all not without a hint of depth more.

In addition to Aurora Leone, Fabio Balsamo, Ciro Priello and Gianluca “Fru”, the cast of the series includes Amanda Campana, Anna Ferraioli Ravel, Angelo Spagnoletti, Veronica Mazza, Giovanni Anzaldo, Sergio Del Prete, Flavio Pellino, Sara Penelope, Dino Porzio, Francesca Romana Bergamo, Alessia Santalucia, Gianni Spezzano, Marina Zanchi and Mario Zinno. However, as shown by the official trailer, in the comedy they will appear may be guest star exceptional: the comedian Herbert Ballerinasinger Achilles Laurothe presenter John Mucciacciathe comedian and creator Gabriele Vagnatothe imitator Valentina Barbieri and comedian and singerMario “The Gymnasium” Terrone. What can I say, we can’t wait for theJune 8th to see Pisces Piccoli- An agency. Lots of ideas. Little budget your Amazon Prime Video!

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