Sea Out: Rosa Ricci celebrates the Napoli championship by dancing and singing (VIDEO and PHOTO)

Maria Esposito, alias Rosa Ricci, went wild during the celebrations: the Mare Fuori actress celebrated the Napoli championship by dancing and singing

Sea Out: Rosa Ricci celebrates the Napoli championship by dancing and singing (VIDEO and PHOTO)

At the Napoli scudetto partychampion of Italy 2022/2023, also took part Maria Espositoknown as Curly Rose in Sea Out. The actress danced and sang with the fans, also singing the famous theme song of the series, the generational hit ‘O Mar For’ that Matteo Paolillo performed on the stage of the Concertone on May 1st.

Since May 4, Naples has become the champion of Italy. The team, coached by Luciano Spalletti, obtained the mathematical certainty of the Scudetto after the draw in Udine. The celebrations for this historic victory involved the entire city. The euphoria has also infected many show business personalities, some of whom have had to fulfill a kind of pledge. For example, Francesco Paolantoni was forced to walk almost naked through the streets of the city, in compliance with the promise made to the television program Le Iene.

Maria Esposito, the actress who gave her face to Rosa Ricci, one of the most loved characters of Mare fuori, as a great Napoli fan, took to the streets with friends to celebrate the Scudetto.

Wearing the Napoli shirt, Maria enjoyed the celebrations both on the magical night of the Scudetto and in the following days. She shared some scenes on her Instagram profile that portray her together with the crowd of Naples, in a riot of flags and smoke bombs. In the caption she wrote “I start again from 3“. The Neapolitan team won its third championship and the fans paid homage to the great Massimo Troisi, recalling the title of the film with which the actor made his big screen debut.

In other videos posted on social media, Maria Esposito goes wild in the Spanish Quarters dancing and singing. In one clip, the actress can be seen performing ‘O Mar For’, the theme song of the television series. Maria seems very moved, above all for the involvement of the public..

In another video, Rosa Ricci from the Rai 2 series goes wild dancing to the notes of ‘Malatia’, the song by Ciccio Merolla which became a hit thanks to the numerous shares on TikTok.

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