Isola dei Famosi, Marina La Rosa shoots zero on shipwrecks: “Poor Cecchi Paone”

The former gieffina and former castaway from the fourteenth edition of the Isola dei Famosi, Marina La Rosa, commented on the current cast of the Canale 5 adventure game.

The former historian gieffina (protagonist of the first edition) and former castaway of the fourteenth edition of the Island of the Famous, Marina La Rosacommented the current cast of the Canale 5 adventure game. On Twitter, Marina chirped against some castaways showing a certain disappointment for the current protagonists of theIsola.

Marina La Rosa against the castaways of the Island 2023

After the controversy of Alessandro Cecchi Paone who said he strongly contracted to separate as a competitor Simone Antolini so much so that he communicated to Ilary that he wanted to leave the reality show in case he was forced to do so, La Rosa posted a tweet decidedly poisonous against the popularizer of science:

“Courses and appeals. How sad, however, to be noticed only for protests. Ah yes, on the other hand, he would have nothing else to talk about himself. Poor Cecchi Paone“.

And it didn’t end there. The ex gieffina also had her say on nathalydiscussed shipwreck of the edition, now confined to the island of Sant’Elena..

“Only the bones remain of Caldonazzo. Actually no, bones and prostheses“.

The last tweet of the evening Marina he dedicated it instead to last week’s new entry, Gian Maria Sainato: “Gian Maria.. a man, a smile, a neuron“.

Marinain his second reality show after his debut with Big Brother, participated in the‘Island of the Famous in 2019 finishing second in the edition won by Marco Maddaloni. His adventure was highly appreciated by viewers. There Rosa in fact, she has shown great skills in addition to her innate frankness which has led her to clash several times with both Sun rises that with Richard Sheets.

“I’m not a character you like, I have a particular irony and there’s always someone who criticizes me. At the Isola, I thought I’d leave after three weeks and I never thought I’d make it to the final”

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