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Indiana Jones: in search of the lost saga, arriving on Arte.Tv from May 19th

Indiana Jones: in search of the lost saga, arriving on Arte.Tv from May 19th

The documentary Indiana Jones: The Search for the Lost Saga relives the making of the first film in the saga, 40 years after its release.

Indiana Jones: in search of the lost saga, arriving on Arte.Tv from May 19th

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destinythe fifth film in the saga, will premiere at the next Cannes Film Festival, which will start on May 16. To celebrate this event, the European streaming platform will make available free of charge in Italy, starting May 19, the documentary entitled Indiana Jones: In Search of the Lost Saga. This making of will allow us to relive the behind the scenes of the first film in the series, 40 years after its release. We will be able to access the documentary on the website.

A few days before the start of the Cannes Film Festival, the excitement is growing for the eagerly awaited preview of Indiana Jones and the Quadrant of Destiny, the fifth chapter of the saga with Harrison Ford, who will again play the role of the most beloved archaeologist of the great screen. A film loved by Steven Spielberg himself, despite the director thinking he was the only one capable of doing it.

In view of the theatrical release of the film directed by James Mangold, scheduled for the end of June 2023, the European streaming platform presents Indiana Jones: in search of the lost saga: a documentary dedicated to the adventurer, which traces the genesis of the character born from the artistic partnership between George Lucas and Steven Spielberg. The documentary will be available on the platform for free and subtitled in Italian from 19 May.

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A gripping celebration for seasoned cinephiles and casual moviegoers alike, Indiana Jones: In Search of the Lost Saga, co-directed by Clelia Cohen and Antoine Coursat, traces the events that led Harrison Ford, fresh from the success of Star Wars, to play the archaeologist who entered in the legend. To do this, the medium-length film mixes different means of expression (interviews, anecdotes, film excerpts and unpublished behind-the-scenes footage) starting from the origins of the myth.

It’s 1977 and, in Hawaii, two friends, George Lucas and Steven Spielberg, are on the beach reflecting on how to bring back the old Hollywood of adventure cinema that they had loved so much as children. They succeed with a recipe that already has the taste of success: thanks to quotes, noir and spy influences, fast rhythms and chain special effects, they give life to an irresistible narrative, which still today drives millions of fans around the world to get lined up outside the cinemas.

The first film in the series, Raiders of the Lost Ark, made its big screen debut on June 12, 1981, but the character played by Harrison Ford never seems to age, confirming himself as an undisputed protagonist of the collective imagination and a timeless myth : Henry Walton Jones Jr., known as Indiana, the archaeologist-adventurer who, today, after more than 40 years, is once again preparing to surprise the public.