Beautiful Advances May 10, 2023: Brooke freezes Taylor, “Enjoy while you can Ridge, he’ll come back to me anyway… as always!”

Let’s find out what the Advances of Beautiful reveal for the episode of May 10, 2023. The Plots of the episodes of the Soap broadcast on Canale5 tell us that Brooke will go to Taylor to force her to stay away from her husband. The encounter between the two women will be explosive.

The Advances Of Beautiful they reveal to us that in the episode broadcast on Canale5 il 10 maggio 2023, Brooke gelerà Taylor. Logan arrived in the study of her rival, will hurry to make it clear That Ridge will always be her husband. Logan hits the doctor hard, reminding her that between the two of her, Forrester has always and only chosen her. The blonde she will invite her enemy to enjoy the moment But say prepare to be defeated as always and having to say goodbye to the man she loves. Meanwhile Liam told Hope Of not agree at all with his idea Of ask Deacon to help her. Spencer will be very worried and will be afraid that the situation may get worse.

Beautiful sneak peeks: Brooke confronts Taylor and orders her to step aside

After being until da Sheila, Brooke lost completely there patience. Although she is perfectly aware of having made a big mistake with her husband and having to make amends with her, the blonde he won’t let Taylor have a free rein… at least not without a fight. It will then show up in Hayes’ studio, per set things straight with her and for tell her to step aside. The blonde he will accuse his enemy Of aver immediately took advantage of the situation and to have wanted to sabotage her marriage, getting closer and closer to Ridge. Brooke, furious, will point the finger at Taylor, telling her that she is very disappointed by her behavior. Then he will freeze her with a ruthless sentence.

Beautiful Previews: Brooke freezes Taylor

Brooke will be furious at Taylor e he will accuse you of playing dirty, since his return to Los Angeles. There doctor will defend herself reiterating to her rival of never wanting her marriage to Ridge to end but he will reveal them, in total sincerity, of still have strong feelings for her ex-husband. There Logan will freak out in front of this declaration e it will freeze its enemyreminding her that Ridgebetween both, he always chose her. The will invite you to enjoy this moment of glory but also to prepare for when the stylist will say goodbye to go back to the only woman he has ever truly loved.

Plots and Previews Beautiful: Liam does not agree with the idea of ​​Hope

While Brooke will put Taylor back in her place and tell her to get ready when Ridge comes back to her and breaks her heart again, Hope will tell Liam to have begged Deacon to help her. Lo Spencer will confess to his wife Of disagree with her and to think that the his is a very dangerous idea. The boy will be very worried that yet another face-to-face between Sharpe and Forrester could create further problems and he will invite his wife to prepare for the worst. Meanwhile at Steffy’s house, I’m sorry Finn will agree that the Taylor’s return has been a blessing and that made them very happy. A little later Hayes will tell her daughter Of being attacked by Brooke and being humiliated. The beautiful Forrester will go on a rampage.

Let’s find out all the Weekly Advances Of Beautiful from 8 to 14 May 2023.

Beautiful it goes on air Channel 5, from Monday to Sunday at ore 13.45.

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