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Beautiful Advances and American Plots: Liam will push Hope into Thomas’s arms!

Beautiful Advances and American Plots: Liam will push Hope into Thomas's arms!

The American Advances of The Beautiful reveal to us that the situation between Hope, Thomas and Liam will worsen because of the Spencer. It will be he, with his behavior, who will push Logan into the arms of Forrester. Let’s find out together what will happen in the episodes of Soap, arriving soon on Canale5.

The American advances Of Beautiful we anticipate that the situation between Hope, Liam e Thomas will degenerate e it will all be Spencer’s fault. In fact, it will be him, with his own aggressive and obsessive behavior against the wife, a push her into the Forrester’s armsfor which will continue to have an attraction (fatal), exactly as noted by Steffy. But let’s see in detail what will happen in episodes That will air in the United States these days and that we will see a lot soon also on Canale5.

Beautiful American Advances: Hope obsessed with Thomas. Steffy warns her

We have already revealed to you, thanks to American previews of BeautifulThat Steffy will say enough and will attack Hope, accusing her of playing with fire and deluding Thomas. Forrester will notice a rather ambiguous attitude from her stepsister and she will understand that the young woman is attracted to her brother. Steffy he will set the record straight with her e he will ask her not to delude her ex e you keep the promises made to Liam. Hope will rush to reassure her and will tell her that she will never, ever hurt her husband and her family, whom she loves dearly. For this she will commit to spending more and more time with them.

Beautiful American Advances: Hope tries to forget Thomas but…

Impressed by Steffy’s words and above all aware of not being able to get Thomas out of his head, Hope will try Of spending more and more time with Liam. The girl she will do anything to stay in her husband’s company e recover their passion but, we anticipate it, he won’t be able to forget the Forrester. The thought of her will continue to peep out and disturb her. TO worsen the situation there will be a unexpected business tripwhich will force her to leave together with her colleague, to take care of the Hope for the Future. Liam will not be happy at all of this and despite being continually reassured that the Forrester will do nothing to ruin their marriage, he will come back to torment his wife, with his insecurities and his constant requests to end relations with the designer. Will be this behavior That will give Logan the coup de grace.

Plots and Previews Beautiful: Liam pushes Hope into the arms of Thomas

Liam won’t be able to hold back his anger in the Thomas comparisons e he will goad Hope over and over again. This attitudeoppressive and far too worried, it will eventually tire Hope. The girl will repeatedly reiterate to her husband that she does not want an oppressive person next to her and that he checks her every minute. Spencer won’t hold back from being just like that and scared that Forrester may not really have changed as he says, he will continue to torment her wife. Tired of this attitude e increasingly oppressed by guilt, Hope will reconnect with Thomas and to get involved in his newfound calm and serenity. Will Liam realize her mistakes in time and let her lover convince herself that the right man for her is the designer of her collection? And with this situation underway, will you go back to talking about a love triangle, which will see the return of the love story between Steffy and Liam?

Beautiful it goes on air Channel 5, from Monday to Sunday at ore 13.45.