Friday, March 1, 2024

After Work: an exclusive preview of the poster of the documentary by Erik Gandini

After Work: an exclusive preview of the poster of the documentary by Erik Gandini

After Videocracy, the new documentary by Erik Gandini arrives at the cinema on June 15 distributed by Fandango After Work. Here is the exclusive preview poster.

In 2009 with Videocracy Plum Gandini it showed us the harmful influence of commercial television on our lives, with its emphasis on having and appearing which has conditioned the behavior of Italians up to the current civil and moral degradation. Today the director returns to the cinema with a new film, After Work, which focuses on the importance given to work and competitiveness in today’s society and asks interesting questions about the future development in this field. The film is produced by the Swedish Fasab and co-produced by Propaganda Italia and Rai Cinema and will arrive at the cinema on June 15th distributed by Fandango and we show you an exclusive preview of the evocative and fascinating official poster.

After Work: what Erik Gandini’s new film is about

Ours is a work-based society. From childhood we are taught to be result oriented and to be competitive. Most of the jobs that exist today could disappear in the coming years due to automation and artificial intelligence. We may soon have to rethink the role that work plays in our lives as a central element of our existence. The approach of this documentary is existential, curious and cinematic. Through the direct experiences of its protagonists in four emblematic nations – Kuwait, South Korea, the USA and Italy – After Work explores what the work ethic is today and what an existence free from work could be like.