A producer talks about the film (and the musical) of Mare Fuori: «No decision has been made»

The Sea Out mania has now broken out: the success of this new Rai fiction seems, in fact, unstoppable. More than two months after the arrival of the third season as a preview on the Raiplay catalogue, we continue to talk about this popular Italian TV series. In the center of the plot there are the aspirations, fears and loves of a group of young prisoners in a juvenile prison. The first two seasons of Sea Out they had gone (almost) unnoticed on the occasion of the first passage on Rai, but thanks to the exposure on social networks and the arrival on the Netflix streaming platform it has become a global phenomenon. The net flagship, faced with the results obtained from season 3, has decided to renew the fiction for another three seasons and to sell the story abroad as well. A few weeks ago two new projects inspired by were announced Sea Outa film and a musical.

Now a producer of Sea Out has revealed the whole truth about the film (and the musical) that should be born in the coming months.

When we started talking about these two new products linked to Rai fiction, the fandom split in two: there were those who couldn’t wait to find out more and those who were rightly worried. Since three new seasons are already planned, what else could a film tell? The producer of the fiction, Robert Sessahas finally clarified the issue in an interview with tvblog. The man argued that as far as the film is concerned, it is not yet certain that it will be made, since Rai has not yet made a decision on the matter. For the moment it is thought that the film can be developed as a spin-off dedicated to one of the main characters of Sea Out, but nothing is certain. Here’s what she said:

We’re working on it. We have received some offers we are evaluating them together with Rai. But no decision has been made yet. We do not know yet. It is true that a proposal for a film has been made to us. The certainty is that, if we do it, we will involve the authors and the director Ivan SilvestriniWe’ve already talked to them about it. These are dangerous operations, especially when the series is still standing. The film must make sense as a single work, it must not affect the power and strength of the series.”

The news of the making of a musical inspired by Sea Out took everyone by surprise. Roberto Sessa said they are thinking about whether the project is compatible with the TV series:

We were approached by a private company that deals with musicals. A meeting is scheduled for these days together with Rai. We will evaluate and understand if it is compatible with the series. In the event, however, they will be things that will arrive in some time, not immediately“.

The producer of Sea Out he clarified that the absolute priority is the Italian TV series, whose filming of the new season should start shortly.

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