Un Passo Dal Cielo, there is already talk of the new episodes. Manufacturer’s statements

Will Un Passo Dal Cielo 8 be there?

One Step From Heaven 8 it will be? In all likelihood the answer is positive, given that in an interview given to Tv Smiles and Songs on March 16, 2023 the producer Luca Bernabei states: “We are already talking about the new seasons of ‘Don Matteo‘, ‘God help us‘ e ‘One step from heaven‘”. Another clue comes from Giusy Buscemi, interpreter of Manuela Nappi who – in the interview given to us at Tvserial.it on the occasion of the debut of the seventh season – he mentions “a possible” eighth… Usually the actors don’t put the flea in the audience’s ear for no reason, but we are waiting for official confirmations from the Network.

When Un Passo Dal Cielo 8 comes out

We don’t know it yet release date of One Step From Heaven 8 season, not being officially confirmed yet. However, let’s look at the release pattern of the previous ones to make a guess. The first and second seasons debut a year apart, in 2011 and 2012 respectively. From the third onwards, however, One Step from Heaven comes the odd years: 2015, 2017, 2019, 2021 and 2023. It is natural for us to imagine a possible eighth season in 2025.

At the moment it is speculation. Let’s wait official confirmations regarding the renewal and any timing.

Plot of Un Passo Dal Cielo 8, previews

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Since it hasn’t been renewed yet, we have no official advances of the (hypothetical) eighth season Of One Step From Heaven. However, it is Giusy Buscemi herself – interpreter of Manuela Nappi, new protagonist of the series from the seventh season – to give us a possible clue. One of the main narrative implications of season 7 is the absence of Francesco Neriinterpreted by Daniel Liotti previously. Will this character come back? We could find out right in the eighth season, still not confirmed to date. “It says in the series that he won’t be there for a while.” Then we don’t know “How will it end, maybe in a possible next season!”: these are the words of Giusy Buscemi (Manuela Nappi) in the interview given to us at Tvserial.it.

How One Step from Heaven ends 7

The seventh season of One Step From Heaven ends with episode 8. In the latest episode, titled The ultimate truth all the secrets come out. Indeed, when a couple can no longer escape from accounting for his actions and the death of Roberta seems to find a culprit, the knots come home to roost. At the same time, Nathan to Adele team up with Manuela to help Mirko not to be influenced by the harmful paternal example. Not only that, it’s time for the policewoman to pay tribute to Gregoriodoing justice. The case compels Manuel by Nathan desperately racing against the clock. While in Vincenzo makes a final decision about his relationship with Carolinapiecing together the pieces of his love life.

Cast of Un Passo Dal Cielo 8, actors and characters

From left: Enrico Ianniello (Vincenzo Nappi) and Giusy Buscemi (Manuela Nappi) in a scene from
From left: Enrico Ianniello (Vincenzo Nappi) and Giusy Buscemi (Manuela Nappi) in a scene from “Un Passo Dal Cielo 7”. Credits: Erika Kuenka and Rai

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In the cast of a possible eighth season we expect the return of the group of interpreters which includes:

  • Giusy Buscemi (Manuela Nappi)
  • Enrico Ianniello (Vincent Nappi)
  • Marco Rossetti (Nathan)
  • Serena Iansiti (Carolina Volpi)
  • Gianmarco Pozzoli (Huber Fabricetti)
  • Leonardo Pazzagli (Gregorio Masiero)
  • Julia Vecchio (Adele Sartor)

Trailer of One Step From Heaven 8, does it already exist?

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It’s too early to see the season eight trailer, even more so in the face of the fact that the new episodes have not yet been officially confirmed. The trailer of the episodes of the eighth cycle of One Step From Heaven it is not yet available on YouTube, we are convinced that it will be available about two months after the debut of the next season on Rai 1, if renewed. In the meantime, here’s the one from the previous one:

Episodes of One Step From Heaven 8, how many there are

We don’t know for sure yet number of episodes of the eventual eighth season of One Step From Heaven. However, we expect it to be equivalent to that of Season 6 and Season 7. If so, they would be otto The episodesbroadcast in as many episodes/evenings.

One Step From Heaven is a production of Lux Vide, a company of the Fremantle Group, in collaboration with Rai Fiction. The direction is entrusted to Enrico Ianniello and Laszlo Barbo for the seventh season.

Un Passo Dal Cielo 8 in streaming, where to see it

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One Step From Heaven streaming is available on RaiPlay in conjunction with the broadcast on the first Rai channel and subsequently. If confirmed, we imagine it is the same for the eighth season.

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