Un Passo Dal Cielo 7, tonight 8 May eighth and last episode

Un Passo Dal Cielo 7 tonight 8 May the last episode on Rai 1

One Step From Heaven 7, the previews of the eighth and final episode entitled “The Ultimate Truth” aired on Monday 8 May 2023. After the penultimate appointment broadcast exceptionally on Sunday, Rai 1 scores a brace: here is the grand finale of the seventh season aired on 8 May and not Thursday 11 May. In this seventh edition of the fiction by Lux Vide and Rai, Giusy Buscemi has excellently taken over the baton of Daniele Liotti (who in turn had received the legacy of the leading role from Terence Hill) in the TV series set in the Veneto Dolomites.

How does One Step From Heaven 7 end

In the eighth and last appointment with UPDC by title “The Last Truth” the secrets all come to light when Paron is forced to account for his actions and Roberta’s death seems to find a culprit.

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Who killed Roberta? This is the question to which the eighth installment of One Step From Heaven 7 is called to give an answer. The mystery that represented the hyphen of the seventh season could finally be solved, or hide – in turn – an even more vast and complex enigma. Meanwhile, Nathan and Adele team up with Manuela to save Mirko from her father’s harmful influence, and the time comes for the policewoman to finally do justice in Gregorio’s name. While the case forces Manuela and Nathan into a desperate race against time, Vincenzo too runs to pick up the pieces of his love life, making a final decision on his relationship with Carolina.

Un Passo Dal Cielo 7 is not broadcast on Thursday 11 May

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Who expects an unedited episode of One Step From Heaven he will be disappointed on Thursday 11 May, because the unpublished episodes of the mountain fiction on Rai 1 conclude with the eighth appointment broadcast on Monday 11 May. The seventh season consists of eight episodes, the last of which arrive on Rai 1 on Sunday 7 and Monday May 8th. The grand final was brought forward to make room for the 2022/2023 UEFA Europa League match between Juventus and Sevilla in the semi-final first leg.

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