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Stranger Things 5: production paused due to the writers’ strike

Stranger Things 5: production paused due to the writers' strike

The fifth and final season of Stranger Things is the latest victim of the Hollywood writers’ strike, the filming of the new episodes will be postponed as confirmed by the Duffer brothers.

Stranger Things 5: production paused due to the writers' strike

Fans eagerly awaiting the arrival of new episodes of Stranger Things they will have to wait longer than expected. The Netflix series signed by the Duffer brothers also went on hiatus because of the writers’ strike of the WGA. Production suspended and upcoming release delays for the beloved series, as confirmed by creators Matt and Ross Duffer on Twitter, writing that “production pauses until a fair deal is reached”.

“The writing doesn’t stop when the shooting starts”wrote the Duffer brothers. “While we are thrilled to begin production with our amazing cast and crew, it is not possible to do so during this strike. We hope a fair settlement will be reached soon so we can all get back to work. Until then, we will be waiting again and again”.

Stranger Things 5, according to the writers will condense the best of two seasons

Waiting for the grand finale of Stranger Things

The fourth season of Stranger Things, which released on Netflix last May, became the most-streamed show of 2022, with the fifth and final season originally slated for a second half of 2024. Depending on the length of this strike, the story of the Hawkins boys could conclude much later than expected.

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Stranger Things 4

After WGA and the Alliance of Motion Pictures and Television Producers failed to reach an agreement, Hollywood writers went on an all-out strike, kicking off pickets on May 2 to demand fair pay from multibillion-dollar studios like Netflix, Disney, and Warner Bros. This is the first writers’ strike in more than 15 years.

While the strike has mainly affected the Late Shows and Saturday Night Live, with most TV series heading into summer hiatus, series such as Cobra Kai, Hacks, Loot and Evil have stopped production. Even cinema risks being hit hard by the strike, just a few hours ago Disney announced a new production stop for the reboot of Blade and this is just one of the Marvel titles at risk.