Shadow and Thrones: The Chronicles of Alina and Kirigan

Eye to eye, the two contenders are ready for the challenge. The light against the dark. Good versus evil. The splendor and the darkness, that eternal confrontation that has always been talked about and will always be talked about. The destiny of Alina and Kirigan is to collide and the final act of their feud could only take place in the fault, in the place of the triumph of darkness, where the only force that can shine is light. “We are finally here, my dear Alina. You could have joined me when you had the chance”, so Kirigan launches the last provocation to his challenger, who, although exhausted by the effort to resist the enemy, replies “never” and from his hands, summoning his last energies, releases a powerful beam of light, which seems to be able to invest the general, who however at the very last second manages to evoke a very strong flash of darkness, which crossing with the light gives life to a glow incredible.

The clash between the two protagonists of Shadow and Bone it is strong enough to overthrow the earth itself. The two contenders are immediately thrown away by the impact, the world around them begins to swirl, it becomes increasingly blurred and indefinite, until everything around becomes nero. Where Kirigan and Alina were colliding before, only two burns remain. No trace of them, just an echo of the battle that was. Slowly the darkness begins to thin out. The pupils laboriously readjust to the light and when the two characters of Shadow and Bones they open their eyes again, their world has changed forever.

Da Shadow and Bone a Game of Thrones

The first impact that Kirigan has with the new world, which would have turned out to be that of Game of Thrones, it’s disheartening. There is only one around him white expanseof snow and ice, and regain strength the protagonist of Shadow and Bone he sets off in search of some form of life, running increasingly into despair. It is no better for Alina, who around her does not see white as her enemy, but a sky blue as far as the eye can see, and soon the little strength with which she woke up abandons her, letting her fall into that intense blue.

Who like readers knows the world of Game of Thrones, will have understood that Kirigan, being beyond the barrier, he had better beware of the creatures he encountered. But who can blame the general if, after hours and hours of desperate walking, he sought contact with those beings who, in response, immediately attacked him. Although exhausted, Kirigan manages to repel those creatures, until the arrival of their leader, who immediately orders the suspension of hostilities.

Alina on the other hand, after having passed out in mareis fished out by a ship that has escorted her from the waves and, as soon as she manages to channel some air into her lungs, the protagonist of Shadow and Bone begins to emit curious flashes of light from his hands. Intrigued by this phenomenon, the captain of the ship flying the royal flag leads the shipwrecked woman to King’s Landing, straight to the queen Cerseiwho immediately understands the extent of that girl’s powers and decides to take care of her.

Shadow and Bone
The Dark General Kirigan (640×360)

Kirigan e il Night King

We had left Kirigan to fight what, by now you will have understood, are the strangers and that leader who immediately orders his people to retreat is obviously the Night King, who watched the fight and admired the amazing powers of this newcomer. Exhausted, the general of Shadow and Bone he cordially accepts the surrender imposed by that proud commander and is well disposed when he asks him to confront him in private, behind an imposing ice dune.

Now, legends tell that Kirigan and the Night King have been behind that rock for days and nights, calling individual soldiers to themselves from time to time, who have hardly returned to the frozen lands after the confrontation with the two. It is impossible to know what they said to each other, and above all how they managed to understand each other, but magic, especially the dark one, has no boundaries even of narrative universes, for which Kirigan and the Night King have evidently found a way to reason and from their combined forces came out of the new warriorsstrangers with a touch of shadow: practically invincible soldiers.

A Shadow and Bone wedding

While in the north the evil is strengthened and fulfilled, in the south Alina tells her whole story to Cersei, who sees in the newcomer an opportunity not to be missed. “My dear, you are lost and tried, but fortunately you have found me. I have the comfort for you.” The queen, taking advantage of the loneliness and bewilderment of the newcomer, pushes her son Joffrey to woo her, with the aim of marrying that girl with amazing powers. The young man, however, is certainly not a well of gallantry and Alina, thinking back to the good old days in her universe of hers of Shadow and Bonestrongly rejects the closeness of that young protagonist of Game of Thrones, however sending Cersei into a rage.

Partly out of necessity, partly out of sincere fear, Alina does not want to antagonize the queen and therefore, after an initial and clear refusal, she begins to pretend to like Joffrey’s court, but in the meantime she looks around to look for loopholes. “Your time here is running out, my dear friend: you have to decide your future”: Cersei puts Alina in such a corner, that she agrees to to marry the prince, provided that he receives help to defeat Kirigan.

Cersei eagerly accepts the offer and sets her network in motion spie to understand the true plans of that enemy of her future daughter-in-law, while Alina exploits the network of acquaintances she has made, mostly enemies of the crown, to find a way to return home, even if that would mean leaving Kirigan there and do not defeat him. So great is the repulsion for Joffrey. The grisha consults sages, soothsayers and many charlatans, but does not extract a spider from the hole in her intent, however she attracts the attention of a person who strongly wants to reach King’s Landing.

Alina in Shadow and Bone (640×340)

The big battle

While Alina plots in the shadows and Cersei gathers information, Kirigan and the Night King move and with their renewed army attack the barrier, sweeping it away mercilessly. Such a clash makes news throughout Westeros and alarms the kingdoms, at this point comes the move of a new surprise protagonist, or Daenerys Targaryen, who understands that she has to bet on Alina to take the throne. The network of spies that the new coming of Shadow and Bone she built puts her in contact with the mother of dragons, who offers her help to the girl against her enemy, on condition of her internal support against Cersei. Alina does not believe her ears and obviously she accepts her and so in the middle of the night the girl runs away, she reaches the camp of Daenerys and together with her he moves north, in search of Kirigan.

A great winter a battle is staged whose legend echoes to this day. The army of dark strangers seems to be able to easily get the better of the fierce opponents of the north, but the arrival of Daenerys’ dragons and especially Alina calls everything into question. In the midst of the battle, the girl finds her enemy and a confrontation to the death takes place between the two. Around them the situation escalates: they fight to the last breath, fire and ice collide and create a frame of death, within which the two characters from Shadow and Bone they launch light and darkness against, making the most of their powers.

At one point, Kirigan seems to have dealt a fatal blow to Alina, who remains motionless on the ground. The general approaches the girl and after saying the words “I told you, you should have followed me”, he throws all the darkness at her, but Alina gathered her last energies and responds by invoking a shield of light and from the impact between the two forces escape a glow which, as some time before, shakes the whole earth.

Ritorno a Shadow and Bone

Thus, when that glow gives way to natural light, there is no longer even a shadow of Alina and Kirigan, but only two burns on the ground remain. You got it right: the two have returned to their world and the reader knows it well, but imagine the surprise of all present. Kirigan’s farewell deprives the strangers of their darkness and at this point the joint armies of the north and Daenerys manage to get the upper hand, before embarking on a new great adventure.

Kirigan and Alina will never know what happened in the world of Game of Thrones, but back in Ravka they immediately start fighting again, starting another great story too. Over time, the knowledge of this sensational interdimensional journey has been lost, leaving room for other stories, but among the pages of the myth, the chronicles of Alina and Kirigan echo in a large tome entitled Shadow and Thronethe end of which has never been written.

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