Blanca 2: Filming of the New Season of Fiction with Maria Chiara Giannetta has finished. Here are the first unedited photos

Maria Chiara Giannetta is about to return to TV as Blanca. In fact, the filming of the new season of Fiction has just finished, which will soon arrive on Rai1. Waiting to find out the date of the airing, here are the first unpublished photos of Blanca 2.

The he resumed from the new season Of Blanca I am just finished and is therefore almost all ready for the return Of Maria Chiara Giannetta, Joseph Zeno e Pierpaolo Spollon, still protagonists from the Fiction in onda in prime time on Rai1. Waiting to find out when the new episodes will arrive and what their plots will be, here they are first unedited photos of Blanca 2.

Blanca 2: the new Rai1 Fiction season with Maria Chiara Giannetta is coming

The filming of Blanca 2as we said before, they just finished. It’s almost time to return Of Maria Chiara Giannetta in the Blanca’s clothesthe courageous police adviser, specialized in decodage, capable of transforming her disability – Blanca lost her sight at the age of twelve – into great strength. There Fiction which sees co-protagonists Giuseppe Zeno and Pierpaolo Spollon, will be broadcast soon are Rai1, presumably in the fall. To find out the official date of the broadcast, however, we will have to wait for this summer, when the Rai schedules for the next 2023/2024 season will come out.

Blanca 2: here’s what we know about the Plot of the New Season and the first unpublished images

Blanca 2: here is the Synopsis of the new season, arriving on Rai2

Waiting for the official presentation of the new season, let’s find out together what should we expect in Blanca 2. In new episodescoming soon on Rai1, we will get to know Blanca even more closely. We will enter her world and her life, discovering some details that are still hidden but also understanding something more about those around her. All this at a very particular moment in her career, the one in which she became a full-fledged police consultant. This official role will lead her to face some new and difficult challenges it’s at get even deeper from the investigations by the San Teodoro police station. Next to her they will still be there faithful Linnaeus, Luciawhich will play an even more important role, Stellal’Inspector LiguoriThat it will make her jealous con the return of an old flameil Commissioner Bacigalupo but also Sebastianof which we will know sides still kept in the shadows. Attention but ai new arrivalsThat they will force Blanca to come to terms with the past and to take the final decision are who he really wants to be.

Blanca 2: here are the first unpublished images of the new season

After discovering something more about the new season, soon to arrive on Bbc1, here are the first unedited images Of Blanca 2.

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