7 Actors Who Got Married Before The Age Of 20

The world of showbiz is notoriously known as an environment of luxury and excess. In such a murky context, made up of unattainable stars and divas, is it even possible to recognize the purest feelings? Many stars have been looking for theamore ending up on the covers of the most renowned gossip magazines and on everyone’s lips. Between flirting and impossible stories, American actors and actresses have ridden the media wave of romanticism, making fans dream or enrage around the globe. In such a dense and tormented environment, age is just a number which really doesn’t matter. Between early or out of time choices (just think of the recent engagement announcement between the very young Millie Bobby Brown and Jake Bongiovi), there are many celebrities from the world of cinema and television who have found love before the age of twenty. An often crazy age to get married, but in Hollywood everything is possible, often proving to be only the first and not the last marriage of the public figure in question, as in the case of Olivia Wilde. Therefore, they are more than we imagine the stars who have taken the fateful step so soon, often with results that are anything but positive for the love that consumed them so much. Even for the stars it is possible to find love in such a complex context in which one is constantly under everyone’s eyes. Certain relationships have made us dream like few others, yet, perhaps it would have been better to wait a few more years.

With the occasion, here are seven actors and actresses who said “I do” before the threshold of twenty years.

1) Uma Thurman

Uma Thurman
Uma Thurman and Gary Oldman (640×391)

The magnetic Uma Thurman she is one of the cinema divas who made us dream the most. From the cult roles in Quentin Tarantino’s films in which she plays Mia Wallace and Black Mamba, up to the various iconic performances both on the small and on the big screen, the American actress has always been talked about, both for the important career and for the his private and sentimental life which has fascinated many fans. In particular, Uma Thurman is also married very young: at the age of nineteen yearseven before consecrating herself to cinema alongside the famous director, she married the British actor, director and screenwriter Gary Oldman. The two met on the set of State of Grace, a 1990 film, and the ceremony took place during the same year. Sadly, the marriage only lasted until 1992. This was only Uma Thurman’s first major report in the public spotlight. She subsequently she returned down the aisle in 1998 alongside Ethan Hawke (known in 1997 on the set of Gattaca), with whom he had two children: Maya Hawke (1998) and Levon Roan (2002). The second marriage had a longer life, but it too came to an end with the formalization of the divorce in 2005. Furthermore, in 2012, his third daughter, Luna, was born from the fluctuating relationship with the French Arpad Busson Thurman-Busson. The two even called off their wedding twice, ending up never getting married.

2) Macaulay Culkin

macaulay culkin
Macaulay Culkin e Rachel Miner (640×369)

Star from a very young age and iconic face of a cult imagery, of a famous decade and of an entire generation, Macaulay Culkin experienced a deep immersion in all that is the controversial environment of showbusiness. Child actor who came to fame from an early age with Mom I missed the planeMacaulay Culkin even got married to eighteen years. The star got married in 1998 with the American actress Rachel Miner, whom he met in drama school and was also 18 at the time. Unfortunately, the marriage that caused such a sensation did not have a particularly prosperous life, so much so that the couple separated in 2000, and then formalized the divorce in 2002. Subsequently, Macaulay also had other relationships that he has always lived with some confidentiality. Among the best known are her love story with Mila Kunis from 2002 to 2011 and her current relationship with Brenda Song. The two met on the set of Changeland and have been together since 2017. The couple currently have two children: Dakota Song Culkin (2021) and Carson Song Culkin (2022).

3) Drew Barrymore

drew berrymore olivia wilde
Drew Barrymore e Jeremy Thomas (640×429)

Drew Barrymore she has always been at the center of public opinion and the media, also thanks to her descent from the same Barrymore family, well-known American film and theater actors. Since the eighties, with the participation in ET The extra-terrestrial (1982) quickly gained increasing fame, even ending up being nominated, at the age of only ten, for the Golden Globe for best actress in a supporting role in the film Irreconcilable dispute (1985). A rising star from a very young age who has never shirked even love. Indeed, with two wedding vows annulled between 1991 and 1993 (the first with Leland III and the second with Jamie Walters), Drew Barrymore is finally married for the first time with Jeremy Thomas, owner of a bar in Los Angeles. The couple got married on March 20 1994 right in Jeremy’s club when she was alone nineteen years and he thirty-one. The two only dated for six weeks before getting married, which is usually not a good sign. Indeed, just two months after the celebration, the couple formalized the separation. Subsequently, Drew Barrymore married two more times, in 2001 to Tom Green and in 2012 to Will Kopelman.

4) Olivia Wilde

olivia wilde
Olivia Wilde and Tao Ruspoli (640×434)

Lately at the center of the main gossip pages due to her controversial relationship with the British singer Harry Stiles, Olivia Wilde is an American actress, director and film producer who has often made headlines. Her first notoriety came when Olivia Wilde took part in the American cult teen drama TV series The O.C., in which he played the role of Alex Kelly between 2004 and 2005. Already at the time, the actress was previously married despite her young age. Indeed, on June 7th 2003 Olivia Wilde got married in Washington in a private ceremony and with few close friends. In particular, the wedding was of an extremely secret nature to the point of forcing the newlyweds to celebrate the union inside a school bus in order to maintain confidentiality. Olivia Wilde was therefore married to Tao of the Ruspoli princesItalian director and musician, member of an aristocratic family, until the divorce was formalized in 2011. At the time of the marriage, Olivia Wilde had nineteen years. Subsequently, the actress and producer had an important relationship of almost ten years with Jason Sudeikis, which began in November 2011, with whom she has two children: Otis (2014) and Daisy (2016). Sadly, the romance between the two ended in November 2020.

5) Derek Bo

bo derek olivia wilde
Bo Derek and John Derek (640×443)

Mary Cathleen Collins is one of the American actresses who caused the most discussions for the relationship, and subsequent marriage, which took place at a particularly young age. In fact, in 1973, a sixteen years met the American director, thirty years older than her, John Derek on the movie set Once upon a time there was a love. At the time, John Derek was still married to actress Linda Evans, whom he asked for divorce precisely because of his renewed feelings for the young actress. In order to be able to live their relationship peacefully, the two they moved to Germany escaping the Californian consent laws that would have prosecuted John Derek for the actress’s minor age. Only when she turned eighteen did they return to the United States. After their wedding on June 10th 1976at the age of just nineteen, Mary Cathleen Collins took on the public name Derek Bo. For many years Bo Derek’s career has been marred by criticism leveled against the link with the director. Nonetheless, the couple remained together until John’s death in 1998. Subsequently, starting from 2002, the woman has a relationship with the actor John Corbett with whom she married in 2020.

6) Cher

Cher e Sonny Bono (640×407)

Timeless musical icon and everlasting emblem of years and years of pop culture, too Cher she got married when she was very young. The American singer-songwriter, actress and TV presenter has so far been able to distinguish herself in several areas through a personality and a timbre of voice that make her unmistakable for almost sixty years of career. In all this time, we have been passionate about Cher for various reasons, often ending up leaving her musical origins behind. In fact, at the age of just sixteen she dropped out of school to move to Los Angeles and pursue her passion for her. Here, in 1962, she met the twenty-seven-year-old at a very young age Salvatore Bono in a bar. It was he who introduced her to the Gold Star Studio where she worked at the time. Shortly thereafter, the two became friends and later became involved in a relationship that even led to the musical ascent of the duo Sonny & Cher between the sixties and seventies. Cher and Sonny’s relationship blossomed into a wedding in October of 1964 in a hotel room in Tijuana. At the time, she only had nineteen years. Nevertheless, also united by the artistic collaboration, the marriage ended after eleven years, in 1975. Subsequently, Cher married a second time with Gregg Allman, but the marriage did not last long.

7) Melanie Griffith

melanie griffith olivia wilde
Melanie Griffith e Don Johnson (640×419)

Melanie Griffith she was married four times, and twice to the same man. The American actress got married for the first time when she was very young: at the age of eighteen years she married the American actor, singer and television producer Don Johnson. The one between the two is a ten-year love affair that has caused much discussion. Acquaintance began in 1972 during the making of the film The Harrad Experiment. At the time, Don Johnson was twenty-two, while Melanie Griffith was only fourteen and still unknown to the general public. Despite the criticisms, the couple did not let themselves be discouraged and moved in together when the actress was only fifteen. When Melanie turned eighteen, the marriage proposal also arrived and, despite the dissent of her family, the two are still married in 1976 in Vegas. Unfortunately, the marriage only lasted six months, after which they both indulged in other relationships. In June 1989 the two tried again and they are remarry, but in May 1995 they still officially divorced. The couple also had a daughter, also a well-known actress and showbiz figure: Dakota Johnson.

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