Yellowstone: confirmed the sequel after the farewell of Kevin Costner

In recent days, the exit of the scene has been confirmed Kevin Costner from the TV series Yellowstone. The confirmation came after months of persistent rumors about a decline in relations between him and the showrunner of the TV series. Taylor Sheridan. Although initially there was only talk of a departure from the Hollywood star, now the confirmation of a conclusion of the show has also arrived after the airing of the second part and the arrival of a new spin-off.

Paramount has confirmed a sequel series following the show’s conclusion

It was reported earlier that the Oscar actor Matthew McConaughey reportedly currently in talks to star in the sequel. The official cast hasn’t been announced yet, but there are speculations that some of the original cast members may return in the future. The sequel television series will air on the Paramount Network and will be available to stream on the Paramount+ platform. Debut is scheduled for December 2023.

The news that the fifth season of Yellowstone could have been the final one for the television series began in February 2023, and included information about a possible signing McConaughey. However, the departure of Costner and the consequent end of Yellowstone have only now been confirmed by Paramount. Now that the news is official, it appears that Matthew McConaughey will lead the franchise after the fifth season of Yellowstone.

How a sequel is presented will depend on the ultimate fate of John Dutton when the second part of the fifth season airs. Recently, the character of Kevin Costner, Johnfaced threats of impeachment from Jamie, which could endanger his status as governor of Montana. The numerous crimes of the family Dutton could become public knowledge, leading to the arrest of the head of the family and the possible takeover of Yellowstone Ranch by the character of McConaughey.

Since the latter would be a newcomer to the universe of Yellowstone, it makes sense to use existing characters to facilitate the idea of ​​the actor as the new protagonist of the franchise. Also, it would be helpful to continue the family history Dutton without the presence of John, as his children may have to adjust to the new leadership of the Ranch. Although it is not clear how the fifth season of Yellowstone will turn into a sequel series, the decision makes sense after the departure of Costner.

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