Will Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story get a 2nd season? Shonda speaks

Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story is a six-episode limited series and serves as a prequel to the hit romantic drama Bridgertonwhich is based on the author’s novel series of the same name Julia Quinn and follows the love lives of the siblings Bridgerton in Regency England. The prequel, also produced and aired on the Netflix streaming platform like the mother series, follows the protagonist, played in the timeline of the Bridgerton and Golda Rocheuvel and as a young man from India Amarteifioas she deals with her complicated romance and her ascension to the throne when she marries Re Giorgio III.

Showrunner Shonda Rhimes has spoken about a possible second season of the television series

Entertainment Weekly met Shonda Rhimes to discuss whether there will be more stories to tell after the finale of Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story. While revealing that there are currently no ongoing conversations regarding the continuation of the series, the Rhimes he played smart. He said that “I’m not ruling anything out because you never know“:

“There have been some questions, but I haven’t had any conversations about them yet. I could live with Charlotte and George forever, but we told a very specific and closed story that I think is a complete account of this complicated and flawed love. But I’m not ruling anything out because you never know.”

Shonda Rhimes she is not new to television series with a surprising longevity. His hit series Grey’s Anatomywhich debuted in 2006, is still airing and spawned its own long-running spinoffs Private Practice (6 seasons) e Station 19 (6 seasons and beyond).
His reluctance to commit to an answer is likely due to his experience of series that became unstoppable hits and remained on the air even without his direct guidance.

It just seems like that Bridgerton it will be one of these franchises. The train is still rolling: Season 3 is on its way and the show has already been renewed for Season 4. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that Queen Charlotte it will expand further.

While the ending of Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story leaves several decades to explore before the events of the parent series, there are many more characters that could be explored in similar, limited spin-offs. At the moment it is not known which direction the streaming platform will choose to take if it decides to continue the franchise outside the main series. It is likely that the decision will be clearer when the first 28 days of the series on the platform have passed and the numbers of viewers who have watched the show can be adequately assessed.

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