Wednesday: Christina Ricci risked not being part of the cast

The involvement of the former star of Wednesday Addams, Christina Ricciwas a great attraction for the Netflix streaming platform series, but the creators Miles Millar e Alfred Gough they revealed that it almost happened.
Based on family characters Addams created by the cartoonist Charles Addams, Wednesday saw the latest incarnation of the main character played by the rising star Jenna Ortega. In the cast of the show there is also Christina Ricciwho achieved notoriety by playing the daughter of Gomez e Morticia in the movie The Addams family of 1991 and its sequel Addams Family Values from 1993.

The show’s creators revealed that scheduling issues nearly prevented Christina Ricci from participating

In a recent podcast interview Inside of You With Michael Rosenbaum, the showrunners talked about how they managed to cast the actress for the Netflix television series. Explaining that the show ultimately had to adjust its shooting schedule to accommodate for the pregnancy Ricci and at his work in Yellowjacketsthe series ended up shooting all episodes towards the end of their production window:

“Miles Millar: “It was difficult to cast her because she was pregnant, so we had to agree on the scheduling so that she could come and shoot all the episodes until the end. This way she could do the eight episodes and do it in three weeks ”.

Alfred Gough: “Yes, because he also had footage from Yellowjackets. It’s great to work with her.”

Miles Millar: “Yeah, and having the two Wednesdays together this season felt so iconic. It was a series where a lot of things didn’t work out, but then they did.”

Having garnered rave reviews and huge viewership numbers for season 1, it probably came as no surprise when Netflix announced that the series would be returning for a second season. An official release date for Wednesday’s second season has not yet been announced, nor is it clear whether the scripts for the new episodes have been written. If not, previous estimates that the show would return in 2024 could be further extended due to the impact of the ongoing WGA writers’ strike.

However, there have been some teases about what to expect for season 2. Second Ortegathe second season “it will ramp up the horror aspects a bit and bring Wednesday out of the romantic situation“. This shift in tone will not only address the criticisms leveled at the first season, which focused on the protagonist’s love life, but could also open the door for the return of the Ricci in the guise of the villain Marilyn Thornhill. While in Season 1 the character hid her true intentions behind the guise of a supportive teacher, Season 2’s darker approach could see her character embracing her wickedness.

The same Ricci stated that he is open to reprising the character, expressing his passion for playing villains. Between the actress’ willingness to return and the fate of her character left hanging at the end of season one, bringing her back seems like a sensible approach for the show’s writers. With any luck, if the show’s makers plan to bring it back Ricci for season 2, it will be much easier to find the time to do it.

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