Un Passo dal Cielo 7: Advances on the Seventh Episode of Tonight’s Fiction with Giusy Buscemi

Tonight the seventh and penultimate appointment with Un passo dal cielo 7 arrives on TV. Attention, the last episode will be broadcast tomorrow evening.

Will be on the wave tonight Sunday 7 May 2023 at 21:30 on Rai1 the seventh episode Of One step from heaven 7, the new season of the drama set in the Italian Dolomites and one of the favorites of television viewers. In the cast of the new episodes we will see for a total of eight prime time nightswe find Giusy Buscemi, Enrico Ianniello, Marco Rossetti, Serena Iansiti, Gianmarco Pozzoli e Leonardo Pazzagliwith the extraordinary participation of George Marchesi e Rocio Munoz Morales.

The direction is entrusted to Enrico Ianniello e Laszlo Barbo and the script a Mario Ruggeri and Carlo Mazzotta e Alberto Vignati. One step from heaven 7, it is a production Lux Videa Fremantle group company, in partnership with Rai Fictionproduced by Luca Bernabei e Matilde Bernabei.

One step from heaven 7: the Plot of the Seventh Episode

EP. 13 – The guardian of the lake (Part I)

The caretaker of a hotel on the shores of a splendid lake is found dying. Everything would suggest a daughter’s involvement, but the lake could keep a much bigger secret concerning Roberta’s death and the unexpected betrayal of trusted people.

EP. 14 – The Guardian of the Lake (Part II)

For Manuela the showdown begins to loom, while Vincenzo, in addition to the difficulties with Carolina, has to manage a crazed Huber dealing with a pregnant daughter.

One step from heaven 7: the final lines of the season

We have reached the last four episodes. In tonight’s seventh episode, anticipated from the usual Thursday to the first evening of Sunday, we will see the penultimate appointment of the season.
Attention, because Rai has decided to anticipate the eighth and last episode included in the Rai1 schedule for tomorrow evening 8 May. At that point the seventh season of One step from heaven will have finished airing and will be fully available on RaiPlay.

Tonight May 7th it’s going to happen the seventh episode of the seventh season of One step from heavenprime time on Rai1.

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