Outer Banks top 5 characters ranking

Outer Banks was one of the most successful Netflix series (here we suggest other series to watch) in recent years. Its interpreters, almost all unknown before the serieshave found enormous success for the interpretation given to the protagonists of the series. Despite the sharp decline in quality over the seasons, which have seen a sudden change of personality in its characters, the degree of empathy that the series has managed to create with the public is not indifferent.

The love story between Sarah and John B won us over in the first few seasons and some characters, like Rafe, gave us tense scenes that made for excellent bingewatching.

Here are the top 5 Outer Banks characters

5) Sarah Cameron

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Sarah Cameron (640×360)

Sarah Cameron was immediately one of my favorite characters, this until the last season when the characterization of her character has lost all coherence, which is why it is at the bottom of this list. To describe his character to you, I will therefore base myself on the first seasons.

Sarah Cameron is one of the main characters of the series, played by American actress Madelyn Cline. In the series, the girl is the daughter of the rich and powerful businessman Ward Cameron, who is also the main antagonist of the first season. Despite her belonging to the rich elite, she is a rebellious girl who tries to escape from her father’s shadow, finding an escape route in a new group of friends, the Pogues, who come from the island’s working class. Throughout the series, she Sarah often finds herself at the center of dangerous situations, but she proves to be a girl smart and brave who knows how to protect herself and her friends. Over the course of the series, she develops a relationship with John B. and the two become a couple.

Sarah, at least in season one is a complex and well developed character who faces many internal conflicts, such as her loyalty to the disastrous family she belongs to (with a father and brother who also try to kill her) and her social class versus the desire for freedom and independence.

4) Kiara

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Kiara (640×360)

Outer Banks Best Female Lead

Unlike the colleague mentioned above, Kiara’s character has a much better and coherent development. Played by American actress Madison Bailey, known as “Kie”is the Pogues’ only girl (before Sarah). Kie has a strong personality and a heart of gold, and is always ready to help her friends when they need it. Throughout the series, just like the rest of the groupcomes across a treasure hunt and the mysteries surrounding the disappearance of John B.

Kie also has a complex relationship with his family, especially his mother, who has a very different view on the life and values ​​of the Pogues. This internal conflict is further accentuated when Kie meets Pope, another member of the Pogues.

3) John B.

John B. (640×360)

The reason why the protagonist of the series is not found in the first place is the same as Sarah Cameron. Unfortunately, the Netflix series has clearly lost quality over the seasons, above all in writing and characterization which have become incoherent and often downright boring.

John B, played by the American actor Chase Stokes, in the first season is a courageous and adventurous character, but also vulnerable and with a painful past. Over the course of the series, he faces many personal challenges and discovers the truth about his family and his identity. The character of him was initially praised by critics for portraying him as a young man with great boundless determination.

However, also due to absurd events (such as the father who was clearly dead and then magically resurrected) his character has lost the qualities that made him so special at the beginning.

2) JJ

JJ (640×360)

JJ, played by American actor Rudy Pankow, is one of the best Outer Banks characters.

JJ has a difficult past and a troubled family, with an abusive father and a mother who abandoned him. And in season one, he lives with his alcoholic and abusive father in one caravan on the edge of the island. Despite his family problems, JJ is a loyal and courageous boy, ready to help his friends in any situation. He has a strong friendship with the other members of the Pogues, especially with John B and Pope (and in the latter we see him get very close to Kiara).

The boy is alsoand a skilled surfer and a speedboat expert, which comes in handy during the Pogues’ treasure hunt to find John B’s father. Throughout the series, JJ faces many internal conflicts, particularly regarding his strained relationship with his father and his family. However, with the help of his friends, she manages to find the strength to face her demons and overcome his problems.

JJ is a complex and well-developed character, who has conquered the public thanks to an excellent and above all linear characterization in all seasons.

1) Rafe Cameron

Rafe (640×360)

Arrived in first place I could not put on the podium the most consistent character in the entire series. Rafe is the tormented villain, the new so-called anti-hero, the villain who occasionally seeks redemption but who by his nature will probably never find it.

He is a problematic boy, who has a violent and unstable character. He has a deep contempt for the Pogues as well he constantly tries to hinder them in their treasure hunt. Throughout the series, Rafe gets involved in a series of illegal and violent actions.

Rafe is a complex and ambiguous character who tries to find his place in the world and exceed his father’s expectations. However, his negative actions and his violent tendencies bring him into conflict with other characters in the series and make him a well-constructed antagonist.

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