Friends 22, Cristiano Malgioglio to Verissimo: “Alessandra Celentano? I don’t like what she said”

The well-known lyricist, judge of the twenty-second edition of Amici, was a guest on Silvia Toffanin’s talk show.

Cristiano Malgiogliojudge of the twenty-second edition of Amiciwas a guest on the talk show of Silvia Toffani a very true

On this occasion, the well-known lyricist spoke about his adventure in the talent show of Maria De Filippiwith whom, he declared, he had always dreamed of being able to work and towards which he admitted to having a certain awe.

Friends 2023, “I saw myself again in Aaron when he cried” says Cristiano Malgioglio

Regarding the lucky talent, Malgioglio spoke of Aaron stating that he felt guilty after criticizing him:

“I saw Aaron again when he cried. There are talents in this program, he has a wonderful timbre. In the song ‘La Cura’ I wanted to say that it wasn’t suitable for him, he gave me the impression that he was singing a song without knowing what he said. It was the same pain I felt when I was rejected in competitions for my way of being over the top. But I always said “I am this, I don’t want to be like the others”.

Towards Alessandra Celentano, Cristiano he admitted that he was sorry for one of his jokes:

“When I say “love” it means that I love a person. I don’t like what she said (“Love, call us your sister“, ed.), I would have preferred some other joke. Patience, we are friends. That’s all spontaneous, that’s the beauty of Amici.”

The popular showman has spoken revealed that he wants to leave the scene maybe in a couple of years and that he is currently single:

“After all this in two years maybe I’ll retire. As long as my image holds I’ll stay but when I see myself a little pathetic I want to leave the scene. I have always cheated in life. I had posted a photo with Giuseppe Giofrè and the person I was Dating blocked me, I became a spinster again. You can tell he was in love with me.”

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