Beautiful Advances and American Plots: Taylor declares war on Brooke but this time Ridge has nothing to do with it!

The American Advances of Beautiful reveal to us that a new war could break out between Taylor and Brooke but this time the cause would not be Ridge. Let’s find out together what will happen in the episodes of Soap, arriving soon on Canale5.

Brooke e Taylor they might go back to declaring war but this time the reason for the dispute will not be Ridge. The American advances Of Beautiful ci they reveal That the two Soap ladies might soon find again to be rivals but on the job. What could happen in the next episodes arriving both in the United States and in Italy, on Canale5?

Beautiful American Advances: Thomas at War with RJ

The American previews of Beautiful they have us already revealed That Thomas and Taylor will be spooked by RJ’s return in Los Angeles. As we told you in some of our previous articles, the return home of the only son Of Brooke e Ridge will put anxious his older brother Thomas. Between the two there is bad blood and everything suggests that between them can stir up a rivalry within alla Forrester Creations. In fact, Ridge will push his youngest son to work in the family business and show everyone his artistic talent. RJ might Therefore become one of the leading designers of the fashion house, putting a spanner in the works of Taylor’s eldest son and sparking a feud.

Beautiful American Advances: Taylor renounces Ridge forever

The rivalry which will most likely unleash between the Forrester brothers will bring new upheaval in the family. Hope will certainly be involved as well as Liam, who may want to use this fact to get rid of Thomas once and for all. But of course a especially Brooke and Taylor will be involved, the mothers of the two rivals. The two women, who in the American episodes of the Soap have become friends – while in Italy they are still fighting for Ridge’s heart – would then return to defend his territory each but with a very important novelty. In fact, it seems that the Taylor’s storyline no longer provides any connection with the her ex-husband. In short, the doctor could forget the Forrester and give even green light to her new friendso that rebuild a relationship with the stylist.

Beautiful American Advances: Taylor and Brooke rivals at work

Taylor could reveal to Brooke Of no longer have feelings for Ridge and not to be not even more against it to the fact that she can mend relations with her ex and may even get back together. But then what kind of rivalry will unleash between the two? It would be, according to the American spoilers on the Soap, of a war at work. With RJ in the way, Thomas may decide to create a line of his own and why not, even a independent brand from the parent company. And in this project it could wanting to involve his mother, Steffy e even Bill Spencer. Yes, you read that right, Bill. The tycoon could be called to deal with fashion, to take a small revenge on Ridge and to put a wedge between Katie and Carter, a loyalist of the Forrester house.

In short Thomas could become one independent stylistbring along some of the pillars of the family business, get Bill to back him up, thanks to the presence of Katie or in any case the possibility of working side by side with her – and of winning her back – and convincing her mother to support him. Brooke will obviously defend her son. Will the war with her friend be as tough as in the past or will the tones be more relaxed?

Beautiful it goes on air Channel 5, from Monday to Sunday at ore 13.45.

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