The writers, during the strike, harshly attacked Jenna Ortega

Jenna Ortega is having a great time after her Wednesday Addams TV show blew up. Thanks to Wednesday, which arrived on Netflix last November, the girl became a real star overnight and the doors of the most exclusive late shows and events were opened for her. Just in these days we have seen her parading on the carpet of the Met Gala 2023 with a total dark look that has enchanted everyone. Some still remember her brilliant debut in a 2016 Disney Channel TV series, Harley in mezzobut there are also those who appreciated it in the second season of You. Not for everyone, however, it is the cold and disturbing Wednesday Addams who with his inseparable friend goes to investigate the darkest mysteries. Everyone is eagerly waiting for the second season, which has already been confirmed by Netflix.

Jenna Ortega’s fame, however, has put her in an awkward position, making her the subject of several attacks from the writers.

As is now known, on May 2 the Writers Guild of America proclaimed the beginning of the writers’ strike which will continue until a fair settlement is reached with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers. People, who write scripts for film and TV, took to the streets to protest and demand more protections. Many show business stars like Brett Goldstein e Rob Lowejoined their struggle and participated in the protest. Jenna Ortega was instead teased and attacked by several Protestants because of some statements she made a few months ago and that made people turn up their noses. She the actress said she was not very professional on the set of WednesdayWhy he had often completely rewritten his character’s lines. These words infuriated the insiders and indeed the producer producer Steven DeKnight he called those statements “pretentious and toxic.”

Second The AV Clubthe television authors have decided to take advantage of the protest to attack with a good dose of irony Jenna Ortega on social media and posters. The writer of BoJack Horseman, Nick Adamsduring the actress’ attendance at the Met Gala on May 1, tweeted: “Jenna Ortega better get back from New York for her afternoon shift at the protest“. The writer of Yellowjackets Karen Joseph Adcock later retweeted Adams, joking: “Rewriting is writing! See you in position, Jenna!” In the meantime, Brandon Cohenscreenwriter of Just Roll With It of Disney, held a placard in the protest that read: “Without writers, Jenna Ortega would have had nothing to hit!”

Let’s hope the strike teaches Jenna Ortega to have more respect for the work of the writers in the second season of the mystery TV series.

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