All is well at home 2×01 and 2×02 – The great family drama is back

WARNING: This article contains spoilers Everyone at home is fine 2×01 and 2×02 and on the first season of the series

The series winner of the silver ribbon for best production of 2022 has made its comeback with two episodes that act as glue between the first season and the second, raising the stakes even more than the events presented so far. The first chapter of the Gabriele Muccino series Everyone at home is fine was a huge success and left viewers in suspense with an adrenaline-pumping finale. The drama in the epilogue of the first season of the Sky production reached its climax with the great revelation of Alba’s secret (for those who don’t remember, the murder of a former employee of the Ristuccia family) and the tragic accident in Geneva.

That dark family secret literally exploded a tension that had already reached enormous peaks and marked the culmination of a crescendo of drama that characterized the entire first season of Everyone at home is fine. Here, therefore, we were left with the first chapter of the Muccino series and from here we start again, with this first double appointment with the second season which immediately shows which direction the narration of the dramas of the Ristuccia family wants to take, starting already from aexplosion which could only get louder.

All is well at home 2×01 and 2×02 – Old and new dramas

Before delving into the analysis of these first two episodes of the second season of the Sky series, let’s quickly review what we have seen. As mentioned, we start again from the end of the first chapter, so we find the protagonists grappling with the consequences of the revelation of Alba. Ginevra is in critical condition after the terrible accident, Sara and Paolo are in shock and in open conflict with her mother. Furthermore, the Abbattistas, the two brothers with whom Riccardo had contracted his debt, are arrested after the denunciation of Luana, Riccardo and Carlo. With all this unfolding chaos, the narrative takes quite a toll time jump of a year and we find the protagonists grappling with their new life situations.

Carlo he is carrying out the project in Sardinia with his ex-wife Elettra and his friend Maurizio, who as we can see are having an affair without the man’s knowledge. Sara tries to make a change in the restaurant by contacting the starred chef George Solari, with whom the spark immediately strikes, while Paolo is grappling with the tough legal battle for custody of his son. The most thorny and intense situations, however, concern the Marians, with Luna and Riccardo who have to deal with the threat of Abbattista, who after losing his brother in prison gets house arrest and swears revenge against the family that sent him to prison. The clinical conditions of Sandro instead they fall and Beatrice has to make the heartbreaking decision to place him in a nursing home.

Everyone at home is fine 2×01 and 2×02 immediately draw a very complex and dramatic situation and the first big difference compared to the first season is already consumed here. The drama is, so to speak, in beef stockings, because we start again from the finale of the first season, which marked the culmination of an important dramatic construction. It is therefore clear that this beginning of the second season is much more crackling, because it interweaves new and old dramas, starting from an already consistent basis of tension, without having to build it from scratch.

All right at home (640×340)

Ensemble drama taken to a new level

With this second season of the Sky series, Gabriele Muccino takes his ensemble drama to a whole new level. We talked about how Everyone at home is fine 2×01 and 2×02 can start from an already unfolding drama and increase the stakebut beyond this factor, also in other respects the choices of the creator of the series seem much bolder and directed in a darker direction.

The gradually built drama in the first season explodes in the very first moments of Everyone at home is fine 2×01, then there is the time jump of a year, but what we find is not a metabolization of what has happened, but a strong tightening of tones. Muccino not only raises the level of choral drama, but also that of voltage and of suspense, also giving away quite strong scenes such as that of the cat at Luana and Riccardo’s house. The quarrels become more physical and pressing, the narration proceeds between convulsive screams and becomes more and more frenetic. There are few moments in which the rhythm in these first two episodes of the second season of the Sky series slows down, as if it were a long apnea after that sigh of breath channeled with the time jump.

Taken to a new level, the big one stands out author’s signature by Muccino, which is that choral drama which has always dominated his production and which is now taking place, also assuming darker hues, but maintaining that coherence and above all that completeness which are the basis of the works of the Roman filmmaker. In building his choral and family drama, Muccino raises the stakes and never loses his compass, making a great comeback after the success of the first season.

Run away from family

The big theme that emerges from Everyone at home is fine 2×01 and 2×02 is that of break. Immediately after the time jump of the first episode, we see each protagonist undertake a powerful centrifugal movement. Luana abandons Riccardo taking away her son, Sara leaves Diego, Beatrice takes Sandro to a nursing home, Giovanni is estranged from his son, Ginevra loses many of her memories and Alba is isolated from her children. All the protagonists of the series experience a situation of rupture, a consequence of the very strong drama they have experienced and which has changed, and continues to do so in reality, their lives.

The rupture, following that discourse of the raising of tension, is ever stronger and more traumatic (in this sense, the passage in which Beatrice leaves Sandro in the nursing home stands out, by detachment the most intense moment of these first two episodes, capable really to curl up our hearts in a cynical vice). Much traumatic it is the break, how impetuous is the opposite movement, that of approach, that some of the characters try to make to get their lives back on their feet. Sara immediately moves on with the chef, in the same way Diego recontacts Regina and Beatrice meets a new man. Everything happens with a very strong intensity, making the narrative extremely tumultuous.

So, therefore, we left with Everyone at home is fine. Gabriele Muccino is back more charged than ever, not only retaining the strength of the first season of his production, but overloading even more his choral drama, which takes on darker, more intense and even more dramatic hues. The incipit of the second season of the Sky series seems like the start of a crazy one corsa and those who love Muccino’s choral dramas can only let themselves be overwhelmed by this hurricane.

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