Smiley, it’s official: Netflix has canceled the Spanish TV series after one season.

Smiley 2 will not happen.

Smiley 2 it will do? Unfortunately not. It premiered Wednesday, December 7, 2022 on Netflix the rom com Spanish set at Christmas. Created and produced by Guillem Clua, the first season is available for streaming, and will also be the only one. As revealed by Clua herself in an interview with Here Catalonia released in early May, Netflix has canceled the series and therefore will not produce a second season. The author also said that he is working on other projects that he can’t talk about at the moment.

The TV series – in eight episodes of 30 minutes each – focuses on the love story between Alex and Bruno, an unlikely meeting that changes their lives forever. Álex is heartbroken. He had pinned his hopes on a guy who after a couple of weeks ghosted him textbook, leaving him really upset. So he picks up the phone and asks him for explanations in a voice message that will have unexpected consequences… because he ends up sending it by mistake to Bruno, whom he doesn’t know at all. This innocent first misunderstanding is the first link in a chain of events that will lead Alex and Bruno to look at love from a new perspective, questioning themselves and trying to make a change in their respective lives.

In the series Carlos Cuevas is Alex, Miki Esparbe is the interpreter of Bruno, Eduardo Lloveras lends his face to Albert, Giannina Fruttero is Patricia, Ramon Pujol plays the role of Ramon, Ruth Lopis appears in the role of Nuria, Meritxel Calvo plays Vero, and with Yasmina Drissi and Carlo Noriega. Guillem Clua is writer, showrunner, executive producer and creator of the series, which is inspired by his play of the same name. The first season is directed by Marta Pahissa and David Martin Porras.

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Smiley was among the most popular queer series of 2022 for its ability to tell – lightly but without superficiality – a contemporary love story with depth, without the dynamics of today’s dating being flattened by stereotypes about online dating and on the world of non-hetero-centric dating.

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