What’s the first thing you saw on Netflix? Now you can find out

Netflix has always been, confirming itself more and more over the years, one of the piattaforme streaming best known and loved worldwide. Although the competition in the sector has become increasingly intense over time, with the arrival of other not indifferent giants, the global response that Netflix receives annually is always and in any case unprecedented. It is able to bring to its audience different contents suitable for even the most demanding palates, with an incredibly varied catalog from every point of view. In fact, let’s go by psychological thrillers, whether it’s both TV series and movies, a miniseries really wonderful, not to mention the original platform products, over time, as has also happened for other brands in the sector, a real trademark. As you will remember, this huge streaming giant arrived in Italy in the now distant 2015, and since then, except for some more or less good moments, its users have been growing steadily. Given the longevity that we are facing, probably sometimes someone will have the doubt to remember: “What was the very first movie or TV series I watched on Netflix?”.

The good news is that we can now answer that question! In fact, there is a method to understand what your first content seen on Netflix is, and now we will explain what it is.

As historical subscribers will probably remember, in the very early days the platform didn’t have many titles, and apart from some truly historic series such as Orange Is The New Black, a ton of original content was also missing. Things have changed a lot over the years, but it always arouses a certain curiosity to try to go back to the very first viewings that were made on Netflix. Therefore, to give the definitive answer, how do you really understand what is the first thing we watched on the famous streaming platform?

Let’s get started right away by accessing our Netflix profile, but for the system to work it must be done directly from the browser, so no phone apps or apps installed on computers. So, after opening the site on the browser you will need to wait for it to open home then click on own icon, that you will find top right. The usual will then open to you drop down menu, from which you will have to go and select the item “Account”, and this point you will have to scroll down to a section that is called “Profile and family filter”. In fact, if, as often happens, you have multiple profiles within your account, it is necessary to achieve our goal click the down arrow located to the right of the profile of which we want to discover the first thing viewed.

At this point, just click on the item “Content viewing activity” and then scroll to end of screen. Two messages will then appear on the right: hide all e download all. But we are only interested the second entry, then we will click on it and a pop up, which he will then give starting a download. If this does not start automatically, your work will be facilitated with the message that appears, namely: “Preparing your viewing activity, if the download does not start automatically, click on “Download viewing activity” below“.

The work is now complete. Netflix will have thus downloaded a file in .csv, to open with Excel or with similar programs, and from here we will be able to read the entire list of content we’ve watched over the years since we subscribed. To understand which is the very first product seen, just scroll down to the end of list that we downloaded. A very, very nice gimmick that definitely takes us for a walk down memory lane.

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