Men and Women, Gianni Sperti publishes one of the many threats received: “I’m not afraid of anyone”

Gianni Sperti, the historic columnist of Men and Women, has decided to react to the many threats he receives from the haters. Let’s see together what happened.

A Men and women in the last few episodes several quarrels have broken out which have seen Aurora Tropea and Armando Incarnato oppose each other: the first accused the knight of being there in search of visibility and of having tried to make various auditions for other reality shows. Although he has no sympathy for Embodied, Gianni Sperti could not fail to agree with the knightfaced with unfounded accusations from the lady and even sat at the study center on one occasion with Maria De Filippihistorical host of the dating show of Canale5 to clarify that neither of them believed that Armando could have participated in the audition for the GFVip.

Men and Women, Gianni Sperti against the haters: “I’m not afraid of anyone”

The columnist and former dancer has stated several times that with the return of Tropea anonymous users on social media have also returned to the programme, who never miss an opportunity to insult him. experienced he also decided to publish, in the stories of his Instagram profile, the photo with proof that what he claimed was not a lie.

In the published screenshot you can clearly see the attempt of a hater to contact Gianni Sperti and threaten him, for his diatribes with Aurora Tropea:

“Piece of m**** forget Aurora, do you understand? Did I make myself clear? You’ll regret it. Stop insulting Aurora”

experienced he posted this screenshot and then immediately after a story in which he clarified his motivations. Although it is not the first time that anonymous users have come to heavily insult the commentators, Gianni Sperti he can’t take it anymore and with this gesture he also wanted to send a loud and clear message against the haters:

“I’ve decided to publish one of the many threats I receive. A fan can’t go that far. A few words to the good connoisseur. Ps: I’m not afraid of anything or anyone”

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