Ladies’ Paradise 7, how it will end between Marco and Gemma

Marco and Gemma get married in the finale of Il Paradiso delle Signore 7?

In this article you will find references to the previews of the block of episodes from 156-160 of season 7. Consequently, if you haven’t read them and/or you don’t intend to do so, we warn you: SPOILER WARNING! Don’t continue reading if you don’t want to know what happens in the next episodes of Ladies Paradise 7. Marco and Gemma get married in the finale de Ladies Paradise 7?

The Ladies’ Paradise 7, does Matilde already know that Marco won’t let Gemma go?

Moisè Curia (Marco Di Sant'Erasmo) in a scene in episode 159 of
Moisè Curia (Marco Di Sant’Erasmo) in a scene in episode 159 of “Il Paradiso Delle Signore 7”. Credits: Rai

At Villa Guarnieri Matilde is preparing to go out at the beginning of episode 159 of season 7. She is leaving for Cremona, at Vittorio’s suggestion. After all, things are never what they seem. Marco can only agree! Marco has discovered that Roberto is cheating on her. Matilde asks him if she hasn’t let herself be influenced. Roberto is a decent person and he would never hurt Gemma. What does she plan to do? Matilde asks him if he intends to warn her. Marco still loves Gemma very much. Matilde is sure she will do the right thing. Yes Ladies Paradise 7Does Matilde already know that Marco won’t let Gemma go? For now we have only clues.

Ladies’ Paradise 7, how will it end between Marco and Gemma?

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Gemma is at Villa Guarnieri. Robert doesn’t know. According to him there is no need. The situation is not exactly as Marco imagined. Marco didn’t imagine much, according to him. Roberto, according to Gemma, is the best person in the world. She’s the one who got it all wrong. She asks Marco to sit down for a moment. The child she is expecting is not Roberto’s. She knew about him and Mario from the beginning. Marco doesn’t care what Landi does in his private life. However, what does this have to do with marriage? Gemma explains the reasons behind the wedding. Now even Marco knows that Roberto is a good person. She thanks him for defending him. “If the child is not Roberto’s…Mark begins. “It’s Carlos’s” Gemma exclaims. He does not know it. From what Gemma knows, he has a girlfriend in Argentina. He’s a scoundrelaccording to Mark. Is Gemma really sure she wants to marry a man that she will never be able to reciprocate? She’s about to become a mother and that’s all she thinks about. The two say goodbye…

In that statement (“he’s a scoundrel”), in our opinion, there is the answer to many questions in this article: given that Gemma will confess to Marco that he is the father of the child, we believe that the altar awaits just the two of them!

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