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The Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time: our interview with Lodo Guenzi, Camilla Ciraolo and Nick Russo

The Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time: our interview with Lodo Guenzi, Camilla Ciraolo and Nick Russo

At the cinema from 4 May, the most autobiographical film by Pupi Avati The fourteenth Sunday of ordinary time. Our interview with the young protagonists, Lodo Guenzi, Camilla Ciraolo and Nick Russo.

Will arrive at the cinema on May 4th the new movie of Pupi Avatiof autobiographical inspiration and with a very particular title, The fourteenth Sunday of ordinary time, which is the date, as we too have recently discovered, on which the director married his ideal woman and the date on which the protagonists of his film get married, who unlike him did not have an equally happy marriage . The ordinary time in the liturgy of the Catholic Church it is the four weeks that correspond to summer, a period in which, as is known, people get married a lot. In the film there are two close friends, Marzio and Samuele, who have the dream of arriving in Sanremo and put together a duo called I Leggenda. But love and life get in the way and the only one who doesn’t give up the dream in his way is Marzio. They don’t arrive in Sanremo, but on that stage, with The welfare staterose triumphantly Lodo Guenziwho finished second with the group with A life on vacation. Here we find him in the role inspired by Pupi Avatithat of the more reckless of the two friends, very jealous of his beautiful wife Sandra, played by Camilla Ciraolo, a young actress who studied under the direction of the director. With them Nick Russo, Samuele, whose appearance in an Avati film, he told us, was predestined right from the name. We met with them and talked to them about regrets, success, and more.

The fourteenth Sunday of ordinary time: the plot

The fourteenth Sunday of ordinary time tells the story of Samuele Nascetti and Marzio Barreca (Nick Russo and Lodo Guenzi), between past and present, two kids who met in Bologna in the 1970s, who, while sitting at a table in an ice cream kiosk, take a decision: they will be friends forever, for life. The two share a passion for music and form a duo, the Leggenda, with whom they begin to perform for the various parish theatres. One day, however, Marzio meets a beautiful contemporary named Sandra (Camilla Ciraolo), with whom he falls madly in love. Her young man decides to woo her, determined to make her fall in love with him, unexpectedly succeeding in her enterprise. In the meantime, the Leggenda improve their musical skills and achieve their first successes, also thanks to their participation in the Festival delle Voci di Castrocaro, in which they finish fourth. Their name gets around and one of their songs ends up on the radio. Marzio and Sandra get married and everything seems to go smoothly in the life of the three, until a hostile and contrary wind blows over them, sweeping everything away…