Super Mario Bros. The Movie and Il sol dell’avvenire still lead the Italian box office

Super Mario Bros. The Film and the new film by Nanni Moretti, Il sol dell’avvenire, retain their first and second place in the ranking of Italian cinema receipts.

Super Mario Bros. The Movie and Il sol dell'avvenire still lead the Italian box office

Super Mario Bros. The Movie e The sun of the future retain, respectively, the first and second place al box office italiano of the weekend which ended with the May 1 holiday. The animated film dubbed, in the Italian version, by Claudio Santamaria is even first thanks to a collection of 1.1 million and 151,000 admissions (Cinetel data), to which must be added the 661,000 euros collected yesterday, which bring it to a mind-boggling total of over 18.8 million euros. Here is our review of Super Mario Bros. The Movie.

Super Mario Bros. The Movie seen by those who have never had Nintendo

Il Sol Dell Avvenire Barbora Bobulova Silvio Orlando 3

The sun of the future: Silvio Orlando with Barbora Bobulova in a scene from the film

The success of Nanni Moretti and his Il sol dell’avvenire is consolidated, still behind Super Mario Bros, with another 785,000 euros in proceeds, plus yesterday’s 335,000 euros, which bring it to over 2.7 million euros. As our review of Il sol dell’avvenire reveals, he returns to the personal and self-referential cinema that he does best by telling the story of a director in a marriage crisis who desperately tries to make a film about a communist dealing with the aftermath of the Hungarian Revolution on the party. In the cast we find Margherita Buy, Silvio Orlando, Mathieu Amalric and Barbora Bobulova.

Nanni Moretti’s Sol dell’Future is a love film

In third position is La Casa – Il Risveglio del Male, which collects another 613 thousand euros, plus the over 197,000 euros of yesterday, reaching a total of 2.3 million. As our review of The house anticipates – Evil awakens, at the center of the plot we find Beth, a girl who pays a visit to her older sister Ellie, who is busy raising three children alone. However, the reunion of the sisters takes a terrifying turn after the discovery of a mysterious book hidden in the foundations of the building. The discovery thus leads to the emergence of demons and a battle for survival begins.

Stephen King Gives His Blessing on Evil Rises: ‘Creepy and Gore’

In fourth position we find the debut of the anime by Makoto Shinkai Suzume, a highly anticipated title by fans of the genre which collects 361,000 euros from 283 theaters, to which must be added the 110,000 euros collected yesterday. As Suzume’s review reveals, at the center of the story we find 17-year-old Suzume, who discovers a mysterious door in the mountains. Soon more doors start appearing all over Japan. When the doors open, they wreak havoc and destruction and it will be up to Suzume to close them again.

Debuting in fifth position is 65: Escape From the Earth, a science fiction film starring Adam Driver which collects €338,000 from 275 theaters over the weekend, to which must be added €148,000 collected on May 1st.

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