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Storm of love May 15-21, 2023, previews

Storm of love May 15-21, 2023, previews

Storm of love May 15-21, 2023

What happens in the next episodes of Love storm aired during the week from 15-21 May 2023 premiered on Rete 4?

Let’s talk about the German soap opera created by Bea Schimdt and transmitted since September 26, 2005 on the national broadcaster The first.

In Italy, the soap debuted on June 5, 2006 on Canale 5, but from July 2, 2007 it moved to network 4, where it continues to be broadcast every day from Monday to Sunday at ore 20:00/20:25 circa.

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We remember that Love storm has already passed 3000 episodes in 2018, but it is still full of many stories and events to tell us! After what was seen in the previous installmentscontinue reading the article to discover the advances of Love storm dal 15-21 maggio 2023?

Christoph Saalfeld in a scene from
Christoph Saalfeld in a scene from “Tempesta D’Amore” Credits: Mediaset

Christoph listens to the conversation between Erik and Ariane

Erik he finds himself deeply hurt when Ariane she confesses that she only loved Robert and then blackmails her with knowledge of the truth about her pregnancy. Christoph he observes the conversation between the two and draws his own conclusions. When Erik finds himself alone at the bar in the evening, frustrated, Christoph seize the opportunity.

Merle filters with Gerry

Paul watches as Merle flirts with Gerry and then suspects in front of Shirin that Gerry is being unfaithful with Josie. Though Shirin can’t imagine that Merle would actually have an interest in Gerry, the sight of the two together still causes her heart to pang.

Ariane put under pressure

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Ariane she is put under so much pressure by Christoph that she has no choice but confess the truth about her pregnancy to Robert. The latter, stunned, walks away from her while Ariane realizes that she has lost him for good. At this point Ariane’s anger towards Christoph increases immeasurably.

Josie leaves Gerry

Shirin she’s worried that Merle might hurt Gerry, but in the meantime she doesn’t want to admit her growing jealousy. Meanwhile Josie, when it becomes apparent to her that Merle is serious about her crush on Gerry, she decides to end the fake relationship with him so as not to hinder them.

Later Constanze learns that a competitor of a known law firm of Munich is one step ahead of her as she takes on an exciting case. To have one more shot at landing her dream job, Constanze starts looking for new tempting propositions and stumbles upon a case that piques her interest.

Paul saves Christoph’s life

Christoph doesn’t notice that a planter is about to fall on his head. Paul saves him at the last minute, thanks to which Christoph is only slightly injured. Meanwhile Constanze tries to win over Ariane as her client. When Josie finds out later, she is so shocked that she too loses her temper in front of Paul.

Christoph blames Ariane

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Christoph he doesn’t think it was an accident with the planter that almost broke his head. On the contrary, it is certain that there is behind the fake accident Ariane. He then tries to carry that broken vase to Robert’s room immediately, but finds no one there. More bad news is coming for him.

Gerry gets an unexpected offer

Vanessa e Max they are very happy when Rosalie leaves them the roof structure. Also Gerry he’s already excitedly imagining what his new room will be like, until Vanessa carefully hints to him that her plan is to move in alone with Max. Gerry is very disappointed, but then gets an unexpected offer.