Isola dei Famosi, Marco Mazzoli asks his wife again to marry him: “You will have the wedding you dreamed of”

During last night’s episode of L’Isola dei Famosi, Marco Mazzoli decided to ask his wife to marry him again. Let’s see what happened.

During the spike of The Island of the Famous aired last night, Marco Mazzolione of the most ironic protagonists of the island, has once again asked his wife to marry him.

L’Isola dei Famosi, Marco Mazzoli and the romantic marriage proposal to his wife

Bouquets he said he married his wife, Stephanie Pittaluga, after a short time they knew each other, but with a lightning ceremony in Miami. The ceremony had cost only 130 dollars and had taken place in the presence of the couple’s few friends:

“My wife is a very strong woman, so strong that she was able to change me. She made me better as a human being. She hates that we got married in Miami for $130. She dreams of marriage.”

Aware of the importance of his marriage and the love that binds him to Pittaluga, Bouquets decided to make the proposal again on live TV, with great emotion of all:

“Stefania, in front of millions of viewers, live on Canale 5, I swear that when we leave here we will organize the wedding you’ve always dreamed of.”

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