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Hellhole, Netflix users in shock because of the Polish horror: “Brutal and nauseating”

Hellhole, Netflix users in shock because of the Polish horror: "Brutal and nauseating"

Hellhole, a 2022 film directed by Bartosz M. Kowalski and focused on the story of a policeman who infiltrates a remote monastery, is causing a lot of discussion on social media.

Hellhole, Netflix users in shock because of Polish horror: "Brutal and sickening"

Several users who have looked up Netflix Hellhole, a Polish film from 2022, expressed their heated criticism on social media, calling it “brutal, nauseating and vomiting”. Not particularly positive opinions but which would seem to have had the desired effect.

Netflix users scandalized by Hellhole

“It’s been two weeks since I saw Hellhole on Netflix and it’s stuck in my brain” one user wrote. Another suggested instead: “Don’t watch this horror movie while you’re eating”. The film is directed by Bartosz M. Kowalski and stars Piotr Zurawski in the lead role. In his EMPIRE review he wrote: “On the 50th anniversary of The Wicker Man I was absolutely baffled by Hellhole, a horror set in the 80s about a cop who has to investigate a sinister cult in a remote region and….holy shit!”.

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What Hellhole is about

This is the synopsis of the film: In 1987, a young militiaman infiltrates a monastery isolated from the world, where the monks run a clinic for the possessed and possessed. Posing as a clergyman, he tries to explain the mysterious disappearance of some residents.

The story moves forward thirty years and sees Father Marek as the protagonist, a young friar who has been assigned to the monastery run by Prior Andrzej, who considers it as a sanatorium where lost souls can be reformed. The sacred place receives grants from the Vatican precisely for the particular activities that are held inside it, relating to exorcism practices.