Amici 22, Evening Previews: the Fascino press office breaks the silence on the recording of the Semifinal

The communication from Fascino arrives: “The semi-final of Amici 22 could be moved, in the face of Covid we cannot do anything”.

The recording of the semi-final of Amici 22scheduled for Thursday 4 May 2023, could be seriously moved. To shed some light on the situation, he thought about it the press office of Fascino who, contacted by Fanpage, let it be known that in the face of Covid, predictions cannot be made.

The semifinal of Amici 22 is at risk: Fascino intervenes

They would be 14 people tested positive for Covid in Amici’s school: 4 students and 10 technicians. According to what was reported by the journalists Mirella Dosi and Simona Bastiani on social media, in fact, precisely because of the impossibility of guaranteeing the presence of the boys in the studio, it would the recording of the semi-final scheduled for Thursday 4 May is at risk.

To shed some light on the situation, he thought about it the Amici press office who, contacted by Fanpage, kept us to clarify that no decision has yet to be officially taken: “We are unable to predict anything, in the face of Covid we cannot do anything. The semifinal could be postponed, but we await news from the production”.

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If so the final of the twenty-second edition of the talent show would no longer be broadcast on Sunday 14, but on Saturday 20 May. Recall that the boys still in the race at Evening I am: Wax and Mattia Zenzola for the Todarisa team; Aaron and Isobel Kinnear for the Zerbi-Cele team; Maddalena Svevi and Angelina for the CuccaLo team.

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